Party Plan Tips: How To Book a Party by Friday!

Book a Party by Friday!
Do you need a Here is one method that will work for you quickly and you can use it whenever you need a new booking to get the profits rolling.

The best part? You don't even need to leave your house!

All you need to do is take a hint from the uber-popular (and profitable) shopping channels and do a home party video. Just gussy up, put on some lipstick, position yourself in front of your video camera or webcam and do a short video promoting three products that work together.

Why just three products? Because if people think they have to sit through a loooooong video, they won't do it. Also, if you keep it short and sweet and keep the products related, it will have a message. Plus this method is so much easier than online parties...people can watch it whenever they like.

For instance, if you sell kitchenwares, do a simple video on your three best non-stick items and provide a recipe. Or for cosmetics, do a video on how to create a smokey eye and have your top three products to do it. Get creative!

After the video, just send it out to your friends and family and customer list with a special promo and hot deadline (No deadline? No urgency to buy...always have a hot deadline!). You can package your 3 items together for a super special price, too!

Before your video party, send out email invites and let everyone know it's coming. You can encourage them to pour themselves a favorite beverage and take 20 minutes to watch and have fun with you (if you do a little training class, people will be more apt to join).

This is just one idea you can do fast and easy to get a party going. Use this technique once a month or even more often and book parties and consultations and make sales from it!

Above all...have fun and be creative!

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