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Party Plan - September's plan for a stress-free month (and book more parties)

Bills, responsibilities, stress.

This time of the year seem to make it all back at school, work ramping up again, new responsibilities and places to be ...

How to make it work with your business?

The easiest way is to prioritize, make lists and stay of track.

But to try and get it all's next to impossible. So one way to make your life a LOT easier and get sales and business is to pick just one method and concentrate on it exclusively for one month.

For example, if you want to book four parties by month's end, then don't worry about other things like doing newsletters, updating your site, doing Instagram posts, etc.

Just concentrate on getting those bookings. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.

Next month, change it up. Concentrate on Instagram parties or Facebook events and just do that exclusively.

It makes like a lot easier and keeps things moving in the right direction without getting scattered and overwhelmed! 

Try it and see! The Shy Guide…

Book more home parties ACTION plan

Have you tried to book some sales parties only to have them cancel or fizzle out just before the event?

Check this out and see if it works...