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Wealthy WAHM New Release: GROW BIG! (See chapters)

GROW BIG! 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Profits Chapters included in this book: Take 10 Get More Website Sales Co-Op Marketing Leads Swap Year of Change Website Traffic Referrals Please! Four Keys for Growth Recruiting Shy Networkers Neighborhood Guru…You? Networking Clubs Getting to First Base Need Variety? Get The Job! Words That Sell Top Seller Story: Christi O. Bookings…Get ‘em! Party Plan Sales Tips Tomorrow… What’s Your Plan? The Best Way to Fail It’s a Family Affair Goal Setting Charitable Profits Always Be Booking Top Seller Story: Michelle P Buy My Products, Buy Me Create Loyal Customers Focus on Referrals Just Do It! Profits x 2 The Internet Rocks Online Traffic Articles, Links & Keywords…Oh My!

How to make your party plan business stand out from competition

What Does She Have That I Don't Have? Why does a competitor's business expand while yours stays still? It might be only the difference of making a few easy tweaks in your branding and image. But exactly what is branding, anyway? Think of branding as defining what a company is all about in the minds of its clients. Good branding differentiates your products and services in a positive way that really sticks in the minds of potential customers.

Let’s say you have been traveling around town without your morning coffee and are getting just a little cranky. Quick! What’s the first coffee shop chain that comes to mind? Chances are, you thought of Starbucks. Why?

* Attractive and easily read logo;
* Consistency of product, d├ęcor, signage, and interior; and
* A great product

Assuming your product is fabulous, it all comes down to image. Graphic design can play a huge part in that image. But what are some key things to consider?

A great logo is key.

You have already given a gr…

Grow Big 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Profits

GROW BIG 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Profits!

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WAHM Party Plan Tips: Train your team for best results

Train your downline for best results!

List of what to train your downline

How to establish goalsHow and what to know to be effective How to promoteWhat to say to people when they make phone callsHow to set appointmentsHow to present the business or productsHow to sell the business or productsHow to sponsor people (the correct procedures and sequence)How to train new distributors
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To get your downline to produce and produce more, you need to get them effective in each one of these areas.

When they can do each of these things, they will be motivated because they are effective. They WILL produce because they feel ABLE to produce.

New recruits probably feel lost in the water and seasoned pros who jump from company to company may feel like they know it all.
What to do?
Team them up and put in place a mentoring program. Be sure the mentors are teaching your methods, but use their learned skills and knowledge to help train your newbies.

Get mo…

Party Plan Sales Bookings...How to get them easier

Work smarter, not harder

Working sales parties and events can be fun, profitable and cost-effective.
(You already know this.)
You use them to present yourself and your products/services, sell products and make your income. Hopefully you are also using them to continue your success, namely booking your next event.
By nailing down at least 3 or 4 new events to work while at your present event, you will cut your booking efforts in half.

To make life easier...

In a nutshell, you are working smarter, not harder. You most likely have heard this from your top salespeople in your company, and the reason they use it is because it works.

You may feel shy or afraid to ask for more parties while working at one, but don't.
This is your business and your livelihood (or at least part of it). By making holding a party for you look attractive, fun and lucrative for the hostess, you can make it much easier to book at your current event.

One way to do it...
Whip out an AW…

WAHMS: Build an amazing leads base with these tips

Tip One

Build an amazing lead base by getting your business in front of as
many people as you can. You can offer to do public speaking (too
scary?), or give away samples/catalog at other sellers' parties or
get a local leads group going (swap leads with other direct sales

However, you choose to do it, it's the most important task you
have. Once you have the leads, you can work them to book parties,
get sales, recruit them, ask them for referrals, etc. They are the
key to building a solid biz.

It seems the most daunting task for most small businesses, but it
is the one that pays off the largest. Once you find a
lead-generating system that works and isn't too painful :), you'll
do it!

For a killer lead system that can literally triple or quadruple the
number of leads you get in a single week, check out our Direct
Sales Guide: Get Booked Solid! It's all about getting leads and
working them. It's a simple, super cheap and effective method. (Now…

WAHM Business Tip: Are you "Dialing for Dollars?"

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Are you spending enough time following up?

You probably work like crazy to get good leads, have interesting promotions and book sales events. But are you so busy focusing on getting NEW leads that you forgot about OLD ones?

Your "warm" leads (leads who have already met you/ bought from you, etc.) are the best source for new business...and new recruits. If they have purchased from you, then be sure to put them on your priority list for follow-ups. If you contact each warm lead each month (by phone, email or mail) you will certainly find yourself with higher sales.
It's easy to forget, get busy, get re-focused, etc., however if you establish a "tickler file" to keep yourself on track you will find it much easier. These files can be physical or electronic and will keep you in constant contact with your customers and potential customers.
Another method is to send out a monthly newsletter with a special promotion th…