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Interview with WAHM Prosperity Coach Grace Rozankovic

1.Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent?
Well I am a Work At Home Mum Coach (WAHM Coach) & Network Marketer while staying at home looking after my two kids under the ages of three.
Basically, I joined this particular network because it was a nice little package and in my eyes had it all - the products and tools I needed to get started.And it was a low start up cost initially but once I got going my vision started to expand and upgrade within a month lol.It gave me a platform to express myself and education on how to grow as a person and in my business direct with the ability to leverage and earn money along the way.

I essentially am helping other stay at home mums to get started and assist in any way possible as it has been very rewarding for me and has changed my life completely.
Nope I am no millionaire! Lol Yet!But my Vision, Purpose & Why out way any possibility of failure.In my eyes there is no plan b now!And want to help others who have the same desi…