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Direct Selling - Party Plan Moms: Grow Bookings - 21 Ways to Get More Traffic

21 Ways to
Generate More Traffic


Hello! Thank you for your purchase of this guide, which will help give you some fun and creative ways to drive more online traffic to your site.

Traffic is more than a mass of people. It’s all about healthy flow and activity at your sites – the sort of activity that not only keeps your business and web presence alive, but really helps your sales grow… and grow.

And if you haven’t yet built your list, you’ll need to make sure you drive people to your sites – and keep them coming back again – with no lag or in the flow.

Here are 21 powerful strategies, to help you generate a steady stream of healthy traffic.

1. Never use an automated service for search engine site submission.

You’re wasting your money, and if your SEO submission company
indulges in any shady practices, you risk your site being marked and
exiled by Google for spamming!

The truth is, once your site makes it into the handful of top Search Engines – which happens quickly, if you know how to…

Direct Sales Bookings: Does your business need a shot in the arm?

I'd love to help you with a simple challenge. It's one I've done myself and I can guarantee it works to both get more interest in your business AND to get you excited about your business again.
Here is your challenge:
Do something marketing-related for your business every day.

If you're up for the challenge, you'll absolutely see movement in your business...whether sales, bookings, recruits...whatever it is you are focusing on will see improvement.
SOCIAL MEDIA: Are you wasting time on social media?
Setting up posts on social media takes time...I useful is it really?
Some social media can be amazing for bringing in leads, but you have to USE those leads to really get anything out of it.
Here's how to bring in more leads in 30 days (OLD SCHOOL + NEW TECH)
Combining a little old school marketing with today's technology is a matter of offering a nibble via social media and then working that lead via email, phone, etc. (old school).
For example, if you sell…