Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Direct Sales Bookings: 6 Simple Ways to Get One

Direct Sales Bookings: The Lifeblood of Your Business!

Yet getting them is not the easiest task for many. Why? Because you hate to "bug" your friends and family. You hate to ask to something you know is basically a sales-oriented thing. You feel bad doing it, even though you know they'd love it!

But this is the wrong way to think. The mindset you need to have continuously is that you are A Booking Machine. You get bookings easily and constantly. You have a fully-booked calendar.

Yeah, right. If it were just that easy.


It can be. But, that's just the first step. Every day, tell yourself you are going to get a booking today. Say it out loud in the morning. Set your day up for this task.

Then do one of the following each and every day (5 days out of 7):

1. Pick up the phone and call your best customers. Tell them they will get (a hostess gift, a 30% savings on their next order, a pony) if they will hold a party. Let them know how much it would mean to you to have them as an advocate.

2. Make yourself known by promoting your business to your local community. Start a small business women networking group and promote yourself within the group. Meet monthly, swap leads, hold events together.


3. Get outside of your circle and work with local small business. Find a complementary business and do joint mailings, ads, events, swaps. For example, an independent hair stylist might be a great fit for your skincare business. Get together and do makeovers for women going back into the workforce, who have survived an illness or for moms who never get a break! The possibilities are endless.

4. Get a following on social media by doing short how-to videos that show your products, what they do, how they solve a problem. Post them everywhere and be sure to have a leads sign up form for people to sign up for more helpful tips from you.

5. Get a couple of friends to give out catalogs, fliers or brochures at their workplace. This gets you out of your circle and helps you expand. Give your girlfriends a great discount or free gift for doing it.

6. Run a contest on Facebook. Get people to your offer and to your site with weekly ads that promote a special product discount or BOGO offer. Make them fun and you will get interest!

For help marketing your business online or off, check out http://www.directsalespower.com.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Direct Sales Coach: No Rejection Prospecting

How to prospect without fear of rejection:
These days we have so many tools at our fingertips! When I started my business there was no internet, no Facebook, no email. You had to pick up the phone or send snail mail to contact people.
Wow, how things have changed...so let's use these tools to our advantage. But...you can suck up a LOT of time trying to learn them and use them effectively.
One super simple prospecting method is being used by top marketers and recruiters everywhere, yet many still are not using it.
Do this at least twice a week and start to see your team and customers grow!
Here's the steps to take:
1. Get your prospect list in order. You likely have about 20 people you've put off calling and can contact.
2. Get your message in line. Are you contacting them about recruiting? Sales? Bookings? Write a short (a line or two) message for each prospect. You can use one message for all your recruit prospects, one for sales follow ups, etc.
3. Get out your phone and write each one a text message. Ask them:
"Are you interested in making some money? I'm adding to my team and you'd be great! Text me!"
"Just checking in...I'm offering a 20% discount on skincare this month and wanted to be sure to let you know! Here's the link: "
"Hi! I'm looking at my calendar and I'd love to schedule some time with you and some friends for a girl's night out and pamper you. Interested? Text me!"
These are examples-just tweak them for your use.
Studies show that most people these days prefer text messages vs. phone calls. They are more apt to respond and read your message if you send a text.
You can do this yourself or use a service that sends bulk texts for you. You just input your phone contacts, messages and can even schedule them to go out!
If you include a link to your site, your phone number or email, people can contact you at their leisure and when they are most interested.
Again, with any type of contact, follow up is critical! If you send message twice a week, you'll have a good schedule of follow up.

WAHM Business Building: GET OVER IT!

1. You signed up with your business to make some money, work a flex job, help out your family or even make a whole new career.
2. You put some effort in; did well at first. Maybe you didn't. Either way, you realized "Hey, I need some new customers but where do I find them?"
3. You poked around the internet a bit. Maybe a LOT. You found tons of resources to help recruit, build, make money, create systems, etc. All SCREAMING at you to pick them.
4. You signed up, read some, did some more, maybe had a little more success and got excited about your business again. "Hey, this might really be something one day..."
5. Life interfered (as it does) and you are back to where you were. Exhausted and tired of the hype, you now just try to glean whatever freebie info you can that looks like it has merit and plug on.
6. TODAY: I'm here to tell you I GET IT. I've been there in many similar ways and I've learned so much. Enough that I want to share it...but only with those who want to hear it.
That's right. I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing more, giving tips, advice right now.
One things I've learned: Only the serious are really interested. The rest are just lookie-loos.
Like buying a house. When you get a mortgage pre-approval, spend time with a Realtor and really put in the effort, you are serious. If you just spend time going to open houses, you are a lookie-loo.
If you want to get SERIOUS about growing your business, you have to roll up your sleeves every day and market it. It's that simple.
The more you market, the more you grow. Slowly, but surely.
So if you haven't done much over the summer to grow your business consider upping the ante and testing some fun marketing techniques that will help you grow steadily over the course of the next few months!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to build a BIG direct sales business from the ground up: The Truth

How to build a BIG direct sales business from the ground up:

1. First identify what you really want: An online business, a thriving booking calendar or a large team you manage. You cannot do all at once, so concentrate on one thing and the rest will naturally follow.

2. Get over the fact that you'll need to spend some money to build your business. IT IS A BUSINESS and no business thrives without spending some capital. It's just the way it is. Whether it's sending out some free samples or buying ads, it will help bring in customers.

3. Realize that GETTING A CUSTOMER is expensive and very valuable. One customer could be a customer for years. Spending a few dollars to get them is nothing in comparison. Of course, you need a budget and a savvy mindset to understand which customers are worth the time and money.

4. Get a practice: This means that every week you will market, advertise, cold call, whatever. If you're not willing to do this, forget about running a business. It's not gonna happen overnight, but if you work diligently for a month, you'll be amazed at the results. But you must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE to get good those amazing results.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to really GROW a direct sales business working from home

I often talk to sellers who have big dreams, big plans for their business.

However, when we start to delve into what is required to make those dreams a reality, they shy away.

Not all, but many.

This is where the "I used to sell such-and-such but it didn't work out." comes from. 

You know them...the people who jump from company to company because they can't make it happen. Or they just quit their business altogether.

Or the ones who say they know everything about how to market their business already (but don't have any traffic or business to show for it).

When I work with sellers I like the ones who are motivated, friendly and open to ideas and new ways of thinking and growing.

What I don't like? Those stuck-in-the-mud old ideas that so many sellers cling to.

Gone are the days when you could just call up a few friends and make your business grow.

Now it takes marketing, advertising, blogging, social media PLUS good, old fashioned phone calling, emailing and even snail mailing!

If you're not ready to take on what you need to do to grow a solid, sustainable business, then you're not ready to GROW BIG.

But...if you're savvy enough to know you need help, then join me and I'll get you more traffic, leads and interest in your business than you've seen all year!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Direct Sales: 10 Ways to Grow Your Party Plan Business Faster

1. Diversify your efforts. If you are hoping to book more, think outside your resources (network) and get into the community. There are many ways to do this – work alternative events to get leads (see #4).

2. Sell Retail – and Wholesale. Do you sell consistently to customers every month or two? Offer an automatic shipment program and a savings for a certain dollar amount. For example, if they spend $75 or more, they get a savings and maybe some free samples (or free shipping).

3. Sell your Work through Online Outlets. If you don’t have a personal blog or website and only sell through you corporate site, you are missing out on opportunities to sell, offer promotions, specials, etc. Make your customers’ buying experience personal by offering tips and advice for using your products (even video!).

4. Show Your Work in Alternative Spaces. Pop-up boutiques are common in many cities—search around and see if there are some you can work for the day or weekend…or band together with other local sellers and start your own!

5. Donate. Search out local opportunities to donate products or services for charity. It’s a great way to build exposure for your business.

6. Write About Yourself. Write an article about yourself and your work, or have an article written about you. Post it online, on your blog, FB page—everywhere! Start building a strong online presence.

7. Regularly Send out Press Releases – Any time you have news, whether it is a show or event where you are participating, a new product or service, or if you just want to publicize yourself, you can send out press releases, by email and on paper. Send them to trade publications, local newspapers, large newspapers, blogs, and news organizations. Most importantly, tell your story. The press is always looking for interesting stories for their readers. And face it, you’re interesting!

8. Develop a Referral Program. Word-of-mouth referrals are like gold – you want to encourage them whenever possible. So, how to get referrals? Ask for them! When you send out an email newsletter to your existing customer list, ask them to refer any friends who may be interested in your work. You may want to offer a discount or a gift card for these referrals. And be sure to thank anyone who gives you one!

9. Make Your Website into an E-commerce Site. You spent a lot of time and money on your website. So, where’s the shopping cart? Getting online visitors is challenging enough, but when they do visit and can’t make a purchase, you lose the sale. And constantly drive traffic to your site to get those sales!

10. Sell at Home Shows. Obviously this is the core of your business. Make it very profitable by having products bundled ahead of time guests can take home and have a nice inventory to choose from. Guests will order more if you have the product on-hand.

Sign up to get the next 10 in this series: http://www.directsalespower.com


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Home Party Plan Leads: How to work them for results

Working leads is part art; part science.

First, are the leads good, quality and wanting to hear from you? Let's assume they are not. Let's assume you got your hands on some general leads.

Now what?

First, you have to contact them. We have found the best system for doing this and getting results is:
1. Email them and introduce yourself and tell them you go their lead information (be honest and upfront about how you found them and why you are contacting them)

2. Follow up with a phone call. If you get them, remind them about the email you sent. They may or not have seen it so let them know again how you found them, etc.

If you get an answering machine, don't go into a long story. Be short and sweet:

  Hello (name). I received your name as a possible future entrepreneur and business owner and I wanted to talk to you about your future business. If you are still interested in working for yourself, please call me. I have some very interesting things to tell you.

Leave your name, number and a good time to call. That's it.

Wait a couple of days, and follow up again: Email and phone call.

Once they tell you to drop dread, stop :) But don't give up until you've followed this method for at least a couple of weeks. One time isn't enough; 10 times is too many. Don't be a pest.

Need a constant stream of interested leads coming to you? GET BUZZ BABY!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Work at Home Leads: Get Buzz Baby


"Online success needs one thing:

Get your business seen by as many people
every week as possible!"

Serious Leads . Marketing Coaching . Guaranteed Traffic . Clicks to Your Site . Online Marketing . Google Page One . More!

If you are in a small, medium or even home business, we can get you get amazing buzz and exposure ALL OVER GOOGLE!        

What if, in the next 30 days, you saw your business DOUBLE?

Dear Entreprenuer,

If you're in a home-based business, you need LEADS. You need TRAFFIC. You need people to know who you are and find you.

Learn more about BUZZ BABY!

MLM Party Plan Recruiting: Where to get leads that are looking to join a home business

How to add 2-5 new recruits a week ... realistically!

Here is a series I'm doing to help you recruit!

The lifeblood of your business is LEADS.

You must have qualified, targeted leads consistently to build your business (sales and recruits). However, they are not always easy to find and if you're not careful you can spin your wheels and spend a LOT of money and end up with not much (been there, done that!)

My best sources of leads are to use the following tools. They are not free, but they are low-cost and they bring in actual visitors, leads and possible buyers and/or recruits (if you know how to work them...coming in the next issue).

So here is my best, proven and tested advice for finding leads online.

To get leads, you can do a few of the following:

-- Get targeted traffic to your site and get them to sign up for something so you can continue to market to them and promote yourself and your products

 -- Buy leads that are interested in joining a home business -- Yes, they can be pricey so be sure to get fresh, qualified leads that have NOT been resold several times. These leads can be quite good in helping you build you team, but only if you are willing to contact them (via email and phone) and be consistent and proactive!

-- Get your business in front of amazingly qualified and interested people. For example, would you love to get your business in front of people who are actually qualified BUYERS? For example, if you sell women-oriented items, get your ad in front of women who are proven online buyers and/or who are looking to join a home business?
See our BUZZ BABY program for a 3-way punch of traffic, prospects and search engine visibility.

If you are interested in building a rock-solid direct sales business, you can work with me personally for a weekly punch of proven, results-getting activities -OR- you can choose our Fast Traffic program ...l earn how you can get 1,000 targeted visitors to your site every month for under $20!

Next time... How to Work Your Leads for Results!

What do Direct Sales Superstars all have in common (click image to find out!)


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Direct Sales Success? What do the TOP National Sales Directors Know That You Don't?

Direct Sales Success: What do TOP National Sales Directors Know?

How to get themselves in front of people. Simple as that. You cannot make sales without getting your business in front of people, right?

Sure, you can spend hours on Facebook, Tweet your heart out and revise your website and blog until your brain bleeds. But until you get in front of an actual paying customer (either in person or via phone), it's a hard sell.

You're just one of millions online. But when you're in front of one or six people doing a class or presentation, you're a star.

A star? Really? Isn't that pushing it a bit, Karen?

No. You are the star of the show. You are the main event. You are IT. People are listening, focusing, thinking about what you have to say. Isn't that what our celebrities do? Whether they are a "real housewife" or a bonafide actor (Meryl or Denzel or Kate [pick one]), we are paying attention to them when they are in front of us and the same goes for you.

But getting that platform can be tough sometimes. Hours on the phone? Sending out tons of emails, FB posts or tweets? Do you have the time, energy and know-how to make these really pay off...and quickly?

Should you pay for leads? What do you do with them once you've got them? How, oh how, do you get those customers without literally stopping people on the street to BOOK them now?

It's actually not so tough. Even if you are in a new town and know NOBODY, you can start getting people in front of you, listening to you and enjoying the show! It's just a matter of being unique, ingenuitive and actually, quite thrifty!

I have been doing this a LONG time...well, about 12 years, and in that time, I can see within just a few minutes what the weak spots are in someone's efforts. I can see where they shine and where they don't. I can see what is working, and what isn't and what their "blocks" are.

So in doing so, I can devise an action plan that is customized just for them. Love the phone? Great, we'll make that a central feature in your week. Hate it? No problem, we'll make it almost (almost) non-existent.

I can put together a program that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning and get going (OK, I'm being a bit dramatic), but truly, I can get you on a path that makes you excited and PROFITABLE quickly.

The question is...are you really motivated to shine? Are you ready to work? Are $10K a month commission checks enough of a carrot for you to put the program in place now to make those happen by this time in the next year or two?

It doesn't happen overnight. I happens slowly sometimes; sometime quickly. It has it's wonderful moments and defeats. It's business. Every entrepreneur goes through it.

But, if you want it, I can help you stop running on the hamster wheel, spinning and overwhelmed and start making real profits roll in for you. You'll be surprised how easy and quickly it can happen, too.

Ready? Let's chat or talk right now! Visit me at http://www.karenmoehr.com/directsalescoach.html

I can promise you it's cheap (under $100), fun, challenging and even includes FREE leads and other goodies to help your business grow each and every month!

Check it out and either call me at 888-837-4994 or drop me an email or chat now at: http://www.karenmoehr.com/directsalescoach.html.

Let's get this party started! I GUARANTEE results!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kids Fantasy Penpals Club: Monster Treehouse Club

Who we are:
We write letters to children from our fictional character line and children
are allowed to write back and become fantasy penpals (of sorts).

GROK Learning -- Drop In Tutoring for Kids

Grok Learning!  http://www.grokhomework.com

Online tutoring company focusing on homework help and school curriculum.

Students can access a tutor to help them with homework Sunday-Thursday 4-10pm EST. There are no appointments, long-term contracts, or hidden fees and we offer a free week trial! http://www.grokhomework.com

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WAHMs: Free resources for building your home party plan business


Looking for some free or low-cost source for building your business?
Here are a couple I use and really like:

PureChat - go to my site: http://www.directsalespower.com and see the rather large blue chat balloon pop up. It is a free chat service I use to talk to customers who have questions. Go to www.purechat.com.

**If you're online and have questions about how to build your business or any of our products, feel free to chat with me or leave your question and email and I'll get right back to you!**

24-7PressRelease - this site has been a great resource for sending out and distributing freebie and low-cost press releases. If you want to get some great exposure on Google, PR is the way to go. You can write a release and distribute it in just a day for some good views online. (Be sure you are writing a release and not an ad--ads will not be accepted by the site.) Go to: www.24-7PressRelease.com

To get more articles, tips and resources to build your home business, sign up for our free weekly ACHIEVE ezine at: http://www.directsalespower.com


Monday, March 10, 2014

WAHM Interview: YOUNIQUE Makeup by Nicole

1. Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent?

Younique is a naturally based mineral makeup company with just over 16,000 presenters worldwide. Our current line of makeup includes high-quality natural mineral pigments, concealers and blushers. We also offer a luxurious line of skin care that includes Awake Facial Cleanser, Brilliant Moisturizer and Flawless BB Cream. Our best seller is our 3D Fiber Lashes. Watch as your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of!


Younique is one of the first direct sales companies to sell exclusively through social media, so there is no need to do home parties. You can run your business completely from home. Presenters are given a free website, with no monthly fees and no auto-ships. Best of all, Younique presenters are paid DAILY.


2. How long have you been involved with this? How did you get into it?

When I signed up as a network marketer with Younique, I was a little nervous I'd never make the money I paid for the presenter kit back. I had failed with a previous business and was skeptical about whether or not it would work out for me this time. My background is Internet Marketing, so I wanted to find an opportunity that would allow me to stay home with my son, use these skills AND make money.

Just 7 months later, I have 61 wonderful ladies in my downline. I run my Younique business almost completely from home. I am able to pay for my mortgage with my income. I work a few hours a day promoting our high-quality makeup and helping other women to run their own business.

I'm not a pop up telling you how you can make money from home. I'm not a scammy e-mail. I'm a real person - taking care of my son while I work my Younique business from home. And I'm tellin you - YOU can do this too. I signed up as presenter #628 and we have quickly grown to over 16,000 presenters. This is your chance to get on board with something HUGE.

3. What type of team members are you looking for?

Are you a leader with experience in sales and marketing? 
Do you have a passion for beauty and makeup? 
If you answer YES to those questions, YOU are the one I am looking for.


4. What is special about your business/team?

We are a team of strong supportive women who all have the same goal – financial freedom and a lifelong career with Younique. We have monthly meetings, fun incentives, tons of training and support. You’ll never feel like you’re left to figure things out on your own. When you become a part of my team, you become part of our family.


5. How can people who are interested find you?

Please feel free to contact me via email at youniquebynicole@gmail.com, through my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/3DFiberLashesByNicole or through my website at www.youniquemakeupbynicole.com - I would love to answer any questions you may have!





Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WAHMs: Cheap MLM Network Marketing Leads Source

If you're looking for an inexpensive leads source, telemarketing support and marketing training and coaching (super value!) to build your home business, look at MLM Marketing Pros, a division of our company Direct Sales Power, a force in home party plan, mlm and network marketing since 2003.


Get your 25 Free recruiting leads here -- just sign up!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WAHM Tip: How to get your business on first page of Google

Want to get on GOOGLE? How about Page One?

Here it is -- it's amazing how this can happen.
You have a site. You have a blog. But do you have a video?
Here's the thing many internet marketers know: If you have a video - WITH THE RIGHT KEY WORDS -- you can get on page one of Google within just days (sometimes hours).
The RIGHT KEY WORDS are what does it. For example, if you do a video for your team and title it "Jan's Team Tips," it will only get found if:
1. You send the link to people (your team)
2. Someone is looking on the internet for Jan's Team Tips.
Otherwise, it will likely get buried.
However, if you title it Jan's Superstar Party Plan Recruiting Tips, anyone searching for "party plan recruiting" or "recruiting tips" will be likely to see it on Google on page one or two.
Not bad.
Or, you could a blog post. If you title it right, it might get higher ranking and get you visibility on Google.
Moral of the story:
Title your internet options correctly for better visibility. It's free and it works!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Interview with Bashford Jewelry Owner - Eco-Friendly Organic Jewelry, Furniture and Gifts

Tell us about your company:

My company's Mission is to make jewelry as beautiful and timeless as it can be, using ethical labor, eco-friendly materials and environmentally responsible sources. We use only conflict free diamonds and research all our diamonds origins, to protect and preserve the environment and improve livelihoods.

Why and how did you start this?

I started this business just a few months ago, Through research, I became impassioned with the idea that responsible-sourced jewelry could be an effective tool for social change in developing countries, also create a better environment and help preserve it.

Tell us about your company:

People who can contribute and value creativity, inventiveness and maintain coolness when in middle of stressful times.

What do you do?

 We offer eco-friendly, organic and conflict free diamond engagement rings, men's wedding rings, women’s wedding rings, fashion and fine jewelry as well as wedding gifts such as furniture, kitchen & tabletop and a lot more.

Where can we find more?

Visit us at www.bashfordjewelry.com

New Cook Book Release: Over 250 Fat-Burning Recipes!

NEW COOK BOOK RELEASE! It's over 250 fat-burning foods and recipes to help jump start or keep any diet going and successful. Check it out! http://bit.ly/1eJ9m8O

Friday, January 10, 2014

WAHM Party Plan Tips: What you are doing wrong

1. You signed up with your business to make some money, work a flex job, help out your family or even make a whole new career.
2. You put some effort in; did well at first. Maybe you didn't. Either way, you realized "Hey, I need some new customers but where do I find them?"
3. You poked around the internet a bit. Maybe a LOT. You found tons of resources to help recruit, build, make money, create systems, etc. All SCREAMING at you to pick them.
4. You signed up, read some, did some more, maybe had a little more success and got excited about your business again. "Hey, this might really be something one day..."
5. Life interfered (as it does) and you are back to where you were. Exhausted and tired of the hype, you now just try to glean whatever freebie info you can that looks like it has merit and plug on.
6. TODAY: I'm here to tell you I GET IT. I've been there in many similar ways and I've learned so much. Enough that I want to share it...but only with those who want to hear it.
That's right. I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing more, giving tips, extoling advice right now.

One things I've learned: Only the serious are really interested. The rest are just lookie loos.
Like buying a house. When you get a mortgage pre-approval, spend time with a Realtor and really put in the effort, you are serious. If you just spend time going to open houses, you are a lookie-loo.

Get on the right track! Join our SuccessTeam!

Monday, January 6, 2014

MOMS: Yamie Chess is a learning tool for your kids

Yamie Chess (https://www.yamiechess.com), a Harvard/MIT math PhD-endorsed K-8 math learning aid for kids’ STEM education is launching at New York Toy Fair 2014 (Booth #5954)

The company's first learning aid, The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels has been reviewed by International Master Jeremy Silman (the US chess champ who created the chess scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) here: http://www.jeremysilman.com/shop/pc/Yamie-Chess-81p3817.htm

There are too many of our kids failing at math in school, and Yamie Chess, designed by a group of MIT, Caltech and Stanford engineers is hoping to do something about that. The company's educational mission is here: https://www.yamiechess.com/math-careers

Tupperware Consultants: Service to Help You

If you're a Tupperware Consultant, check this out: http://buytwonline.com/business-helpers/us-tupperware-website-update-service/

MOMS: Personalized Baby Blankets

Discover beautifully personalized baby blankets and baby gifts, hand crafted with love and tenderness http://personalizemybabyblanket.com

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

INTERVIEW: Lynne Cooper Hall - Younique Opportunity: See New 3D Lashes!

1. Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent? Younique Minerals Cosmetics

2. How long have you been involved with this? How did you get into it?

I fell in love with the 3D lashes by Younique because I discovered that fake lash glue has Formaldehyde in it!! Like the stuff in embalming fluid! The Younique 3D mascara uses all natural green tea fibers (I could almost hear my eyes saying thank you!). It was soon after finding the 3D lashes that I realized that ALL the other products that Younique offers have the same amazing results with none of the nasty, fillers, paraben free, talc free, never tested on animals and hypo-allergenic. I started my business in 2013 and we've been steadily growing ever since!

3. What type of team members are you looking for?

I am looking for people who love to chat, share their experiences, network and grow their business by sharing about amazing naturally based make up! This is a GREAT business for WAHM’s because the platform is based on the facebook platform and virtual parties that run up to 10 days enable you to work and keep the “party going” from your pajamas!!

I love sharing the leadership, business leads, business building tools, training, encouragement and strategic vision to help that happen!

4. What is special about your business/team?

We offer incentives above and beyond the Younique corporate incentives (which include two trips (Bermuda and Greece for 2014). We have a smaller team of direct leaders that offer things like Ipad mini�s gift cards, other gifts�the list goes on.

 In addition we have conference calls to strategize and learn. We encourage, inspire and offer uplifting advice. We also have business development gatherings and mentoring. The company has a great understanding and focus on having a work life balance (actually encouraging Presenters to remember that family is first)!

5. How can people who are interested find you?
Phone/text 443-783-5214
Email mlynnecooper@gmail.com
webpage � http://youniqueproducts.com/lynne
facebook - https://www.facebook.com/YouniqueLynne
twitter � http://twitter.com/llcoopj
Instagram � http://instagram.com/lynnecooperhall
pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/LynneCooperHall/