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INTERVIEW: Lynne Cooper Hall - Younique Opportunity: See New 3D Lashes!

1. Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent? Younique Minerals Cosmetics

2. How long have you been involved with this? How did you get into it?

I fell in love with the 3D lashes by Younique because I discovered that fake lash glue has Formaldehyde in it!! Like the stuff in embalming fluid! The Younique 3D mascara uses all natural green tea fibers (I could almost hear my eyes saying thank you!). It was soon after finding the 3D lashes that I realized that ALL the other products that Younique offers have the same amazing results with none of the nasty, fillers, paraben free, talc free, never tested on animals and hypo-allergenic. I started my business in 2013 and we've been steadily growing ever since!

3. What type of team members are you looking for?

I am looking for people who love to chat, share their experiences, network and grow their business by sharing about amazing naturally based make up! This is a GREAT business for WAHM’s because the platform is based on the facebook platform and virtual parties that run up to 10 days enable you to work and keep the “party going” from your pajamas!!

I love sharing the leadership, business leads, business building tools, training, encouragement and strategic vision to help that happen!

4. What is special about your business/team?

We offer incentives above and beyond the Younique corporate incentives (which include two trips (Bermuda and Greece for 2014). We have a smaller team of direct leaders that offer things like Ipad mini�s gift cards, other gifts�the list goes on.

 In addition we have conference calls to strategize and learn. We encourage, inspire and offer uplifting advice. We also have business development gatherings and mentoring. The company has a great understanding and focus on having a work life balance (actually encouraging Presenters to remember that family is first)!

5. How can people who are interested find you?
Phone/text 443-783-5214
webpage �
facebook -
twitter �
Instagram �
pinterest -


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