How to Become a Wealthy WAHM.

How to become a WEALTHY WAHM...

Getting REFERRALS Faster... 
Do theses situations apply to you...? 1. You have customers.

2. Your customers enjoy your product or service.

3. You're frustrated because, even though your customers know you and like your products and services...they DON'T TELL anybody about how good you are!

Do you like referrals? Everybody does. They are a warm lead. A lead that says "someone I know and trust recommended you." That almost helps to create a sale without anything else. However, getting referrals is sometimes awkward. Asking your satisfied customers is easy--as long as you remember to do it.

To ensure you don't forget, develop a flier to goes to everyone who places and order. Let them know how much you appreciate referrals. Ask them to email you the name, address and phone/email of three people. If they do, send them a free gift. After your customer orders, you can follow up a few days later to ask how the products are performing, do they have any questions, etc.? At this time, ask for a few referrals.

I went to a new salon for a haircut. I really like the service and was pleased. But what really impressed me was that a few days later I received a follow-up phone call to be sure I was happy with my haircut! I let them know I was and they asked me to send them a referral of any friends who may need a new salon. I ended up sending them lots of business--because of the great haircut and the great follow-up call!

Wouldn't it be amazing if every service provider contacted you after the service to see if you were pleased, if you like the products, had any questions, etc.? Providing follow-ups consistently will make you remembered and treasured as a product and service provider.

VIP Cards

Develop a discount card. Make it a V.I.P. (Very Important Person) card. Print on it that you offer a 20% discount to holders of the card. Give them out to all your customers and include a few extra for them to give to others.

You can even team up with another vendor or two or whose logo you can include on the back. You will each offer these cards to all your customers (teaming up with other vendors gives you double or triple the customers to distribute it to). You can each share a portion of the cost of developing the card.
It needn't be expensive to produce. You can make them on your computer on pull-apart business cards, or you can have them professionally designed and printed. Just be sure the final result is professional, elegant (after all, VIPs deserve elegance) and something you are proud to distribute.

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