Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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WHY didn't they do what they needed to do when others do?

When I finally learned the answer to this question, it was quite telling...

Not only did the reason behind their results come into the open, but the reasons for success became apparent as well.

So what's the resolution?

Why do most people fail when a select few succeed?

Here it is...

Those who do succeed have a NEED to do so.

Those who don't share that same level of desire will not.

The true difference is in their level of desire.

The only time anything ever gets done in your life is when you commit and you follow it through to completion with a sense of urgency.

You must DO it. It's a part of you. It takes you over.

It controls your thoughts more than anything else each day and all day.

These are the NEED, and the people who achieve notable success in network marketing, have that accomplishment as a NEED.

They are the ones you see on stage and hear on the training calls.

That's all it is.

That's the secret.

If attaining your goal, whether it be to pay off your credit cards, buy a house, save for retirement, or fire your boss, is not a TRUE NEED, and not attached to your networking business, you will not succeed. Period.

The sad truth, is that most people in this industry did not buy a business, they bought hope, they bought a dream.

And hope is never backed by true NEED.

Hope is for the undecided.
Have you made your NEED the focal point of your life? Listen to any successful entrepreneur...they all tell the same tale: It's what they MUST do beyond all else.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Direct Sales Superstars: Top Sellers Tell How They Achieved BIG Success

Sales: From Secret to Sensational.

Whatever you call it, direct sales ultimately rests in the ability to get a product to another for money. It’s pretty simple. It isn’t wrong or illegal or even unpleasant, but some reps who work in direct sales just cannot seem to get past the idea that they are just that…in a sales position. They may not want to call themselves a direct sales representative. The industry often uses the term “consultant” or some other non-sales title.

However, any mental block a person may have regarding sales can change rather quickly. When the sales and re-orders pour in, the term “sales” may become less scary and even enjoyable to anyone who may have been uneasy with the title. A party with $500.00 in sales can leave a rep driving home with a smile on her face. A $75.00 sales re-order will elicit a sincere happiness in her chosen profession. It doesn’t take much to get past the off-putting image a new rep may have had of sales. It just takes a few solid sales and the ability to get more. The profit can also be quite impressive. The figures can start adding up allowing for a rep to proudly assert “I’m a direct sales professional and it’s a great job!” It can be a sensational feeling when you finally understand the power of this career.

If a few strong sales are all it takes to get a rep from start to successful, then what’s so tough? The problem seems to lie in not getting some initial sales, but in keeping that momentum going. Initially, a rep is excited and tells everyone about her new business. She shares how much she enjoys the products and usually a friend or relative will have a show or party to get her started. If the rep is motivated and courageous, she books more from that party. This will ensure she has another sales event in which to profit and build her business. However, if she is afraid to ask or doesn’t show the party guests and the hostess how advantageous having a show can be (free gifts, special treatment, etc.), she will likely go home wondering how in the world she’s going to get this business going. This is the thought process that leads to drop outs.

The sellers in this book obviously had a similar thought or two early in their career. They persisted on to find their own way to make it in this business. As you make your way through this book, you’ll obviously see some characteristics you share with these sellers. You’ll identify with some more than others. Hopefully you will understand that while they’ve taken the steps to act and follow through on the traits that made them successful, these traits are not that unique. They run in varying degrees in nearly everyone. It’s just a matter of refining, finding systems that work, and powering forward to get what you want.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two-Minute Tip: How to be happier in just 2 minutes

How to Be Happier in Just 2 Minutes!

Watch this short video for a quick tip to boost your happiness (you've heard it before, but it works!)

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WAHMs Get New Recruits to Hit the Ground Running

New Recruits?

Make them feel cozy with practice!

Your new recruits are probably very excited, nervous and downright scared! They are anxious to get started earning money, confidence with their products and a steady business growth. But are you casting them to the world too soon?

Many sellers we consult with offer to help their new recruits with their first party or two. Once the recruit has a party booked, the recruiter attends to assist and guide them until they feel comfortable. However, some of the most successful sellers we work with go one step better: they offer a New Recruit Practice Party.

Each of your new recruits could be invited to such a “practice party.” This party would involve each of the new recruits you've signed up that month. Each of these new recruits should invite two people to attend the practice party. Having friendly faces in the crowd always helps to steady jitters. The party should include their friends/relatives and possibly a couple of your own more successful and seasoned team members. The team members can offer valuable advice and tips to newbie recruits for boosting their sales, how to present, ideas for party games, etc. They will be excellent at "critiquing" the newbies and offering useful and applicable tips.

These parties should be segmented so each recruit gets the chance to do a part of the presentation. The presentations should be divided up and each recruit does a separate item, service, etc. They should each be involved in the sales part of the presentation (usually toward the end).

These parties are fun and relaxing and perfect for new recruits to “get the bugs out” of their presentation skills, sales skills, etc. The guests should be informed that it is a practice party and everyone will feel more relaxed knowing that fact. Guests are at ease and the newbie sellers will feel more freedom in giving information, showing the products and practicing their sales skills.

Recruits will feel much more comfortable knowing that they have this practice party (or even two) in order to develop their confidence and skills before setting off themselves. Since it won’t be billed as a “real” sales party it will set them at ease. Of course, it should be a selling situation as well. It should be productive financially but very casual and easy-going (read: lots of laughter, a few goof-ups, but ultimately a confidence builder!).
As their recruiter you can attend the party to offer them tips, suggestions on their techniques, etc. This can be done after the party at a personal consultation session or as a group session after the party. This is when the seasoned team members should offer their own ideas on how to run a profitable party. Recruits can learn from others’ mistakes and their own triumphs.

Some sellers even go so far as to pair up a newbie with a seasoned team leader. They work together until the new recruit feels comfortable on her own. Using this tactic helps get the newbie off to a faster start, earn more at her parties and streamline her party/presentation skills. Remember, an earning recruit is a happy recruit!

K. Moehr is President of Moehr & Associates, a marketing firm that specializes in helping motivated direct sales professionals grow their business. Moehr & Associates is publisher of numerous marketing books and newsletters, including the Direct Seller Guide and Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System. Learn more at: www.isellmoretoday.com.


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