Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Have a Hotly Motivated Direct Sales Team

The true lifeblood of a home party plan business (direct selling) is bookings, right?
Yes and no.
The way to grow and get your products and services to others is booking and parties, sure, but the TRUE money maker in this industry is your team.
If you have a hotly motivated team, you're doing it right.
If you have a lukewarm monthly result from your team, you need to learn how to inspire them and this is most easily done by TEACHING them what works so they start to see results ( = money in their pocket) and they get motivated to do it again, and again, and again...
Here are 3 easy ways to get a HOTLY MOTIVATED TEAM:
1. Train them well and often. This means have monthly training (in-person is the best). You can do this at meetings, via Skype, via email, via video...whatever you and your team responds to best. Training also means showing them things that work that they can implement immediately like social media techniques or new ways to show products and use hostesses and models. Get creative and stay updated on anything new you can share.
2. Show them new ideas for marketing, booking and selling. This means doing it differently than every other XYZ consultant out there. Getting them booking tools that really work and showing them how to create a monthly consistent Calendar that brings in new recruits and referrals.
3. Staying motivated yourself. It's easy to get deflated during bad months, but just as easy to fake your way through it. So be real, but be upbeat and honest with your team. Someone who is consistently walking around with bluebirds on her shoulder isn't real. Let your team know the real you and get involved. A superstar seller who is having bad months suddenly? Find out why and offer guidance and support. A so-so recruiter is now having stellar results? Find out why and get her to share her secrets with the whole team.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is Direct Sales the New Celebrity Hangout (Oprah, Usher)?

Say what, now? Is this true? I caught this site and wonder...see the link and judge for yourself!

Celebs in direct sales

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get More Home Party Bookings

Let Us Book Your Home Party Plan Events

We're going to go beyond BOOKED SOLID and roll up our sleeves with a revolutionary new service! It's called the SAVVY SELLER ASSIST and it goes beyond anything out there to help you build your business!
Why did we invent SAVVY SELLER ASSIST?
Because, like you, we're tired of the same old, same old info, site, books and "training" that circles the web. You want good info sure, but you also want solid HELP. Not just the how-to, but the let's-make-it-happen help that truly shows results.
SAVVY SELLER ASSIST is like having your own responsive leads, marketing, service and booking assistant...for just dollars; not the hundreds or thousands that it would cost to hire someone to work for you.
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