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Direct Sales Business Tip: Is Blogging Worth Your Time?


The Best Direct Sales Tips Ever!

(PART Five)

You know you should do it, but do you?
You know what I'm talking about: BLOGGING.
Everyone has doing it for years now. But even with your best intentions, unless you have time to sit and do it faithfully at least once a week, does it really matter? Especially with your business?
My answer? Yes and yes.
Here's why:
You may have a website and you may even be a good emailer and send out your monthly promo emails (good girl!). But, unless you're posting regularly to an established blog, you are missing a good deal of traffic.
Now, I have to admit, I'm not the best blogger. I have blogs and I post to them, but I'm not as great at writing regularly as I should be. (Hey, I'm honest!)
So, you ask, why should you listen to me?
I'll tell you...When I do post on my blogs and post good info, I can literally track more traffic on my blogs. And since I always post links, I know some of those people are visiting my sites due to my blog posts. It's right there in black and white for me to see, so I know it works.
What should you post?
If you're doing a business blog, post things about your business, relevant articles, news items and tips. Even when you have nothing and no time to be creative, you can likely pick up a women's magazine or just Google something to post. Be sure to add a link back to it and DO NOT copy the whole article to your blog. Just a teaser line and a link is enough.
Give this a shot and see your traffic go up. You can get a free blog on several sites (blogspot, blogger, wordpress, etc.) and you can track traffic, too.
You can also do what I often do: Copy your emails and web info into your blog. It's a quick way to grow your online content and your traffic, too!
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TIP 6: Coming next issue!
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