WAHM Business Tip: Are you "Dialing for Dollars?"


Are you spending enough time following up?

You probably work like crazy to get good leads, have interesting promotions and book sales events. But are you so busy focusing on getting NEW leads that you forgot about OLD ones?

Your "warm" leads (leads who have already met you/ bought from you, etc.) are the best source for new business...and new recruits. If they have purchased from you, then be sure to put them on your priority list for follow-ups. If you contact each warm lead each month (by phone, email or mail) you will certainly find yourself with higher sales.

It's easy to forget, get busy, get re-focused, etc., however if you establish a "tickler file" to keep yourself on track you will find it much easier. These files can be physical or electronic and will keep you in constant contact with your customers and potential customers.

Another method is to send out a monthly newsletter with a special promotion that expires by the 25th of the month. By having it expire by the 25th, it will allow you to end the promotion, send out all orders and develop a new promotion/newsletter for the next month.


  1. Hopefully, because in this world or business that is the only thing that actually counts. Money. Although the connections that you make going through all of it is not bad at all.

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  2. Great ideas! Who would not want to increase leads and earn more money. Thanks!

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