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Direct Sales Bookings: Easy steps to take daily for new possibilites for your business next month

Are you looking to stir things up in your business that has gone stagnant? Need more sales? More bookings? A few more interested recruits? CHALLENGE YOURSELF!
I'd love to help you with a simple challenge. It's one I've done myself and I can guarantee it works to both get more interest in your business AND to get you excited about your business again.
Here is your challenge:
Do something marketing-related for your business every day.
OK, you've heard this before. But... I'm going to give you some prompts that actually make it easy for you to follow and do something easy every day!
If you're up for the challenge, you'll absolutely see movement in your business...whether sales, bookings, recruits...whatever it is you are focusing on will see improvement.
Let's Begin: THIS WEEK
MONDAY: Do one blog post today but don't be super focused on your business. Instead, do a "review" of either a product, a TV or movie or book, or something in your local area.