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3 Fantastic Locations For Taking Autumnal Photos Of Your Children - Moms Photography Tips - Taking Pictures of Your Kids - Best Spots - Autumn

3 Fantastic Locations For Taking Autumnal Photos Of Your Children
Autumn is a wonderful time of year and can really help to spruce up your photos. With beautiful colours and contrasts, different textures to play with and subtle lighting, it’s the perfect season for getting those snaps just right.
And it can be an even better time of year to take photographs of your kids, giving them a fun opportunity to play around during the shoot and making them look even cuter than usual when bundled up in all those winter clothes.
But, where exactly are the best places to make the most of the season when shooting with kids? Here, we’ve found our top 3 locations for taking photos of your children in Autumn.

Wooded areas
This is the most obvious location for taking autumnal photographs but also the best. It allows you to take classic photos of children playing amongst beautiful autumn leaves and can have them in lots of different natural poses.
Photographing your kids is much easier when they’re having f…

Original Limited Edition Art Print - Gifts under $20.00

Original Limited Edition Art Print - Gift under $20.00

an original, limited edition art print of
original watercolor painting fused with digital media.
Download and frame!
8" x 10"
Other sizes available or contact seller for custom matted print.

How to Get Direct Sales Leads from Amazon (Paid Free to You Leads)

How to Get Direct Sales Leads from Amazon on Autopilot

This is a simple method!
First, decide  on a niche for your products/business. For example, if you sell essential oils, one niche could be how they are used to help alleviate migraine headaches.
Write several articles (ORIGINAL CONTENT) or have them written on this topic. 
Articles could be similar to:
Type of essential oils to use What oils do what Why they work on headaches Why they are good for migraine sufferers Why they are better than drugs/pills How they work on the system Etc.
After you have a few good article compiled, format this for Kindle, add a nice cover (pay for it if you don't have the graphic skills since a cover is what will help it sell).
Give the book away free or sell it for .99 on Amazon.
Offer people a free sample of your oil for migraines or a free list of the best oils to use and a
good discount from your store.
Drive readers to your blog or site and have them sign up to the get the freebies.
Now you have a new p…