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TOP Career Opportunities and Jobs for 2014

WAHM Bookings: What this seller did to triple her party plan bookings

Working with savvy sellers is my passion! But I know many people will read this ezine and never really do anything about it. They'll never implement the changes that must happen to really effect a POSITIVE change in their business. I get it. I'm busy --tired, overwhelmed, confused--insert any one of those depending upon the day of the week :) -- But, although I've been doing this awhile (2013 was 10 YEARSof helping direct sales pros build their business), I've learned so much and keep learning. So, I'm inviting you (I assume you're a savvy seller?) to join my SuccessTeam for direct sales and home party plan sellers who really must be successful in 2014. This means: More BOOKINGS -- the lifeblood of your business. I'll give you a plan to hit the ground running and get more bookings than ever. More RECRUITS -- this means money. Every TOP SELLER knows recruiting is a must to really earn money in direct sales. I'll show you how to boost your recruiting and team ac…

MOMS: Fun Product for Kids: MINECRAFT

MINECRAFT!!! - Invasion of the Overworld: The most successful novel about Minecraft on Amazon. With 160 pages of exciting Minecraft adventures, kids 10 and up love it!!!

MOMS: Featured Product: Lures of the Month -- Great gift idea for the fisherman in your life

Give your the Angler in the family #FishEnthusiast Enter to WIN "Lures of the Month"

WAHM Bookings Made Easy: How to feel less stress during your next sales presentation

I came across this and thought I'd share it with you... #9 is my personal favorite and always seems to help :)

Do you really want to be a TOP seller? I can guarantee it! Find out how...