Direct Sales Tips: Use Showbiz To Grow Your Business

The Best Direct Sales Tips Ever!
Dr. Oz says eating bacon can lead to cancer...

OK, so I used a known name and a provacative leading line to get your attention. I'm not lying...I'm going to show you how you can grow your audience like Dr. Oz, Oprah, Dr. Phil...all of them do it!

First: You must have a way to contact your audience. Just like you're reading this issue of ACHIEVE to get some tips, you have to have readers. If you already have a list to email, awesome. If not, get busy working to put one together. It WILL pay off!

Second: Email consistently. If you've read me a while you know I'm big on consistency. I may not get an email out every single Tuesday (my goal), but at least by Wednesday you usually hear from me.

Third: Here's where Dr. Oz comes in. He (and almost all other TV hosts) use tantalizing info to get you to tune in. So as you're watching TV and putting a piece of delicious crunchy bacon in your mouth, he appears and says "Bacon found to lead to cancer...tune in today" you're apt to watch.

Like Dr. Oz, find some information people want and need. You can re-hash news, hot topics, etc., but just make it good and useful. Don't be shy about saying what you're offering to get people to open their email and READ.

Fourth: Be sure to follow through on what you promise. If you use a health tip from a top health show, then give links so people can read more and also make the rest of your ezine newsworthy. This is where you can get into what YOU are offering.

Fifth: Make it simple. White background, black lettering, colorful graphics that are linked and clickable always work. Keep clutter at a minimum and make it somewhat brief.

Sixth: Repeat again next week!
TIP 4: Coming next issue!


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