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How to be a Direct Sales Rock Star: More leads, recruits and sales

New Opportunity: Private Gold Network for Direct Sales

If you have ever wanted to own American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins but thought you could not afford them, now you can with Private Gold Network. Private Gold Network is an Independent Marketing Associate for a 23 year old private trust. We market gold and silver via Direct Sales and leverage.

Direct Sales means you earn a commission from every sale and you leverage the power of team work. In this business you only need to make 4 sales no more. You are selling gold and silver on a lay-away plan. The difference from standard lay-away; the lay-away balance is paid from the commissions you earn from your 4 sales.

The company that administers this program has been in existence since 1990 and I learned about it in 2004. I quickly decided to become an Independent Marketing Associate for the company as gold and silver are legitimate products and something of value most people would want.

This business is really for those who want to start a business with just $50 and only make 4 …