Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Party Plan Business Tip: How to Get a Sale Today!


How to get 3 sales today...
Does this title intrigue you?

 Of course it does (just a little, right?) We all want to know how we can get more and get it faster.
The only problem might be that if you haven't done your homework to this point, then those sales are probably not going to happen...today, anyway.

 But if you have, you can pretty much count on a heavy shove to get you a short blast of sales quickly.

 Here's what I'm talking about...

 If you have been diligent about doing most of the things I support (and constantly urge you to do), you can do a "quick sale blast" to almost guarantee yourself those sales and by they end of today!
For example, if you've been keeping up with customers by sending monthly messages, doing videos, touching base...then yes, they know you and trust you and if you do a short sales blast, you could likely see lots more orders.
However, if you haven't done the homework (ugg, hate that word!), then sadly, you are not in any position to ask for sales.
Your customers may not even know who you are and if you send them a sales or promo message, they may even be appalled at your gall to try and get them to buy from someone they don't even know!
If you've been keeping up, I would strongly suggest you put together a fun and unique "package" for the holidays and plan to do a sales blast for it.

Give it a one week deadline and send a few messages throughout the week to promote it.
If all things are in-line, you'll see a rise in sales doing this. If not, well...don't you have some things to do? :)
Have fun!

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Party Plan Tips: How To Book a Party by Friday!

Book a Party by Friday!
Do you need a party...fast? Here is one method that will work for you quickly and you can use it whenever you need a new booking to get the profits rolling.

The best part? You don't even need to leave your house!

All you need to do is take a hint from the uber-popular (and profitable) shopping channels and do a home party video. Just gussy up, put on some lipstick, position yourself in front of your video camera or webcam and do a short video promoting three products that work together.

Why just three products? Because if people think they have to sit through a loooooong video, they won't do it. Also, if you keep it short and sweet and keep the products related, it will have a message. Plus this method is so much easier than online parties...people can watch it whenever they like.

For instance, if you sell kitchenwares, do a simple video on your three best non-stick items and provide a recipe. Or for cosmetics, do a video on how to create a smokey eye and have your top three products to do it. Get creative!

After the video, just send it out to your friends and family and customer list with a special promo and hot deadline (No deadline? No urgency to buy...always have a hot deadline!). You can package your 3 items together for a super special price, too!

Before your video party, send out email invites and let everyone know it's coming. You can encourage them to pour themselves a favorite beverage and take 20 minutes to watch and have fun with you (if you do a little training class, people will be more apt to join).

This is just one idea you can do fast and easy to get a party going. Use this technique once a month or even more often and book parties and consultations and make sales from it!

Above all...have fun and be creative!

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How to Become a Wealthy WAHM.

How to become a WEALTHY WAHM...

Getting REFERRALS Faster... 
Do theses situations apply to you...? 1. You have customers.

2. Your customers enjoy your product or service.

3. You're frustrated because, even though your customers know you and like your products and services...they DON'T TELL anybody about how good you are!

Do you like referrals? Everybody does. They are a warm lead. A lead that says "someone I know and trust recommended you." That almost helps to create a sale without anything else. However, getting referrals is sometimes awkward. Asking your satisfied customers is easy--as long as you remember to do it.

To ensure you don't forget, develop a flier to goes to everyone who places and order. Let them know how much you appreciate referrals. Ask them to email you the name, address and phone/email of three people. If they do, send them a free gift. After your customer orders, you can follow up a few days later to ask how the products are performing, do they have any questions, etc.? At this time, ask for a few referrals.

I went to a new salon for a haircut. I really like the service and was pleased. But what really impressed me was that a few days later I received a follow-up phone call to be sure I was happy with my haircut! I let them know I was and they asked me to send them a referral of any friends who may need a new salon. I ended up sending them lots of business--because of the great haircut and the great follow-up call!

Wouldn't it be amazing if every service provider contacted you after the service to see if you were pleased, if you like the products, had any questions, etc.? Providing follow-ups consistently will make you remembered and treasured as a product and service provider.

VIP Cards

Develop a discount card. Make it a V.I.P. (Very Important Person) card. Print on it that you offer a 20% discount to holders of the card. Give them out to all your customers and include a few extra for them to give to others.

You can even team up with another vendor or two or whose logo you can include on the back. You will each offer these cards to all your customers (teaming up with other vendors gives you double or triple the customers to distribute it to). You can each share a portion of the cost of developing the card.
It needn't be expensive to produce. You can make them on your computer on pull-apart business cards, or you can have them professionally designed and printed. Just be sure the final result is professional, elegant (after all, VIPs deserve elegance) and something you are proud to distribute.

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Best Direct Sales Business Tips Ever!

The Best Direct Sales Tips Ever!
If motivating your team is top priority (and really, if you're a leader, it should be) this tip is for you. It's a little Psychology 101: Make people feel special and they'll perform better.

How do you make people feel special? Sure you can offer them gifts, special training, personal phone calls to check in, but do these things really matter? Absolutely! Any time you go out of your way to help someone individually, it will make a difference.

However, to really shine the spotlight on top team members, make them a part of your "TOP TIER" training team. Let them train, teach and motivate.

One way is to film them doing a party and use it in your own training. Everyone has a video camera these days. Set it up and see what your top members are doing and share it. Make them superstars in your business and they'll want to keep succeeding.

In the words of Oprah "People all want to feel like they matter; like they are noticed." That's the key. Bring each member into the forefront in your business and you'll be amazed how much a little attention can go!


Direct Sales Tips: Use Showbiz To Grow Your Business

The Best Direct Sales Tips Ever!
Dr. Oz says eating bacon can lead to cancer...

OK, so I used a known name and a provacative leading line to get your attention. I'm not lying...I'm going to show you how you can grow your audience like Dr. Oz, Oprah, Dr. Phil...all of them do it!

First: You must have a way to contact your audience. Just like you're reading this issue of ACHIEVE to get some tips, you have to have readers. If you already have a list to email, awesome. If not, get busy working to put one together. It WILL pay off!

Second: Email consistently. If you've read me a while you know I'm big on consistency. I may not get an email out every single Tuesday (my goal), but at least by Wednesday you usually hear from me.

Third: Here's where Dr. Oz comes in. He (and almost all other TV hosts) use tantalizing info to get you to tune in. So as you're watching TV and putting a piece of delicious crunchy bacon in your mouth, he appears and says "Bacon found to lead to cancer...tune in today" you're apt to watch.

Like Dr. Oz, find some information people want and need. You can re-hash news, hot topics, etc., but just make it good and useful. Don't be shy about saying what you're offering to get people to open their email and READ.

Fourth: Be sure to follow through on what you promise. If you use a health tip from a top health show, then give links so people can read more and also make the rest of your ezine newsworthy. This is where you can get into what YOU are offering.

Fifth: Make it simple. White background, black lettering, colorful graphics that are linked and clickable always work. Keep clutter at a minimum and make it somewhat brief.

Sixth: Repeat again next week!
TIP 4: Coming next issue!

Direct Sales Tip: Lame Idea to Avoid

The Best Direct Sales Tips Ever!
(PART Four)
You've heard them...the old school ideas that some recruiters and mentors are still trying to pass out as business builders.
Things like:
1. Talk to everyone you know...of course you're going to want to tell people about your business, but this is just another example of casting a wide net and crossing your fingers.
What's better: Make it a point to talk to the right people everyday. You know whose a good fit for your products. Make sure those are the people who know about you and skip the rest.
2. Scare folks: I heard this one a few years ago: "I was told to walk up to women in drugstores and tell them they are just cute as a bug and I would love to give them a makeup class."
Uh-huh. Right. That sounds fun. How about getting a few stares and people avoiding you? Don't just assume everyone wants your free class. It might be OK to give them your card or some free sample, but don't scare people or you'll find yourself without any bookings.

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3. Work your circle of influence. How old and tired is this idea? Naturally you'll go to the people you know to start building your business, but truly you'll need to move on from them (unless you know A LOT of people). Eventually you'll need to get referrals and work with strangers.
This is easy if you know how to do it. The trick is to get yourself out there and work parties, network and market yourself. These are intimidating, but not if you know some really powerful (and fun) ways to do it...without putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. (Check out our programs for tons of fun ideas that work!)
4. Book for success: Bookings are great and you will need them. But they are not the only way to get your business growing. Of course, you'll start with them, but then you'll want to use some of the many resourceful ways you have access to these days. (Learn some of them in our Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System.)
5. Don't worry about training--you'll get all you need from your company. NO! NO! NO! Not only is this not giving you your best shot at success, but many trainers today just don't know a lot of the interesting new ideas we can offer. Make sure you give yourself a leg up and get off to a great start...or give your business a profits injection.
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TIP 5: Coming next issue!

Direct Sales Business Tip: Is Blogging Worth Your Time?


The Best Direct Sales Tips Ever!

(PART Five)

You know you should do it, but do you?
You know what I'm talking about: BLOGGING.
Everyone has doing it for years now. But even with your best intentions, unless you have time to sit and do it faithfully at least once a week, does it really matter? Especially with your business?
My answer? Yes and yes.
Here's why:
You may have a website and you may even be a good emailer and send out your monthly promo emails (good girl!). But, unless you're posting regularly to an established blog, you are missing a good deal of traffic.
Now, I have to admit, I'm not the best blogger. I have blogs and I post to them, but I'm not as great at writing regularly as I should be. (Hey, I'm honest!)
So, you ask, why should you listen to me?
I'll tell you...When I do post on my blogs and post good info, I can literally track more traffic on my blogs. And since I always post links, I know some of those people are visiting my sites due to my blog posts. It's right there in black and white for me to see, so I know it works.
What should you post?
If you're doing a business blog, post things about your business, relevant articles, news items and tips. Even when you have nothing and no time to be creative, you can likely pick up a women's magazine or just Google something to post. Be sure to add a link back to it and DO NOT copy the whole article to your blog. Just a teaser line and a link is enough.
Give this a shot and see your traffic go up. You can get a free blog on several sites (blogspot, blogger, wordpress, etc.) and you can track traffic, too.
You can also do what I often do: Copy your emails and web info into your blog. It's a quick way to grow your online content and your traffic, too!
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TIP 6: Coming next issue!
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