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WAHMs: How to talk to your party plan prospects (Part One)

Question: Are you more attracted to a busy person with much going on or a person who seems to have nothing happening and can leisurely talk on the phone for an hour? LESSON ONE: Be in a hurry with your prospect. Start your calls or conversations with the hurried stance; you'll find there will be fewer questions and people will respect you and your time.
Here are some "hurried" script examples:
For warm prospects:

● "Hi! I'm so glad I caught you. I only have a minute..."

● "I'm super busy today, but I wanted to talk for just a minute..."
● "I need to run out the door in a moment for a meeting, but I wanted to call you quickly..."
For cold  prospects:

● "I wish I had more time to get into this with you, but let me quickly tell you..."
● "I need to get to a meeting in a few minutes, but first let me tell you..."
Talking to a person and letting them know that

1.) You're not going to take all day with them  and

2.) Your mess…

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WAHM Business Opportunity: Be a DOULA!

Read our interview with a leader who has a new and exciting business opportunity...

1.Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent?

We train and certify individuals to work with expectant and new parents, through a 6-in-1 certification training program.It is the most comprehensive program in the industry, preparing you for a highly flexible career - you can stack the areas of your work life in whatever way you like. The work is rewarding, there is a lot of flexibility, and fantastic earning potential.Upon completion of training, you have certifications in six areas: birth doula, postpartum doula, antepartum doula, in-home childbirth educator, parenting preparation coach, and family lifestyle professional organizer. After a 20 week online training coupled with one-on-one coaching sessions, you receive a 6 week business training program, a digital file with materials to launch (client handouts, promotional materials, record-keeping materials) and even a website template to…

Build a strong downline for your home party plan business: 5 TIPS

Build a Strong Direct Sales Downline Team with 5 Simple Tips

One of the best parts of being in direct sales is the fact that you can recruit, train and motivate a team that works for you not only building their own little empire, but helping to boost yours as well. It's the number one reason many direct sellers concentrate so hard at recruiting a team of their own.

If you are a team leader, you'll find that you must build firm alliances with team members. Not doing so would only risk losing them all together. You need to build up a solid relationship that will benefit you both.
How can you make certain your team is feeling included and supported, but still maintain some sense of balance within your own life and business? It can be demanding trying to provide support to everyone (especially if you have a large team). Follow these five ideas for sustaining a supportive and good connection with your team:
1. Begin well. New recruits are a little scared, excited and uncertain--all at …

Tips to Grow Your Party Plan Business Using Facebook

Here are three tips to using Facebook to grow your business:

1. Use a business page vs. a personal page: Facebook doesn't like you to use your personal page for selling and business-related items. Did you know:
-You can only have 5,000 friends on personal page vs. unlimited likes on business page!
-You can promote posts on a business page!
-You have analytics to see who is viewing your page!

2. Post at optimal times: According to one URL shortening service (, the most click-throughs happen on posts placed Monday through Thursdays from 1 - 4 p.m. The best time, according to Bitly, is Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.

3. Engage your readers: So many times I see people writing things like "XYZ company is the best! We are growing fast!" Seriously, not many will care. But, if you post questions and statistics that people will find interesting, such as "XYZ company just beat out QRS for best direct sales company to join now!" people will be more engaged.

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