Party Plan Business Tip: How to Get a Sale Today!


How to get 3 sales today...
Does this title intrigue you?

 Of course it does (just a little, right?) We all want to know how we can get more and get it faster.
The only problem might be that if you haven't done your homework to this point, then those sales are probably not going to, anyway.

 But if you have, you can pretty much count on a heavy shove to get you a short blast of sales quickly.

 Here's what I'm talking about...

 If you have been diligent about doing most of the things I support (and constantly urge you to do), you can do a "quick sale blast" to almost guarantee yourself those sales and by they end of today!
For example, if you've been keeping up with customers by sending monthly messages, doing videos, touching base...then yes, they know you and trust you and if you do a short sales blast, you could likely see lots more orders.
However, if you haven't done the homework (ugg, hate that word!), then sadly, you are not in any position to ask for sales.
Your customers may not even know who you are and if you send them a sales or promo message, they may even be appalled at your gall to try and get them to buy from someone they don't even know!
If you've been keeping up, I would strongly suggest you put together a fun and unique "package" for the holidays and plan to do a sales blast for it.

Give it a one week deadline and send a few messages throughout the week to promote it.
If all things are in-line, you'll see a rise in sales doing this. If not, well...don't you have some things to do? :)
Have fun!

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