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Party Plan WAHM Marketing TIP: Triple Sales With ONE Idea

How to TRIPLE your sales with one idea!

One simple idea: Market to your current customers! It's not rocket science, but how many of us are guilty of the hunt for new customers only to forget those who chose to invest in our items in the past?

If you have a list of leads and buyers, promote to both of them, not just your leads (especially if you continually put out new products). You'll need to market your wares to both lists to be truly hitting all of your "prospects."

Getting a new customer is lots more work than just keeping the ones you have. However, you must have the mindset for service. If you're just out for new life you're going to risk seeming pretty shallow (and transparent) in the loyalty area.

Think about how you like to be treated. Do you like to feel special and treasured or do you like to feel like the vendor is justing thinking "Next!"?

It's a huge mistake to forget your customers! Put a plan in place to provide gentle reminders that…