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WAHM Business: Pinterest vs. Youtube -- Which is better at getting you leads for your direct sales party plan business?

Here's the story: Sure you know them, but taking a look deeper can show you how to make them work for you! First you have to understand what these platform are for and how they really work.

Youtube PROS: Very interactive! Great for those who like to talk, be on camera and show how to do something. Perfect medium for engaging people quickly. CONS: A hungry audience can lose interest quickly if you don't put out consistent content. Feeding the beast is a lot of work.
Pinterest: great at getting traffic and showing your products visually. Best for those who don't want to have to do their hair and makeup to get on camera. CONS: Takes a few more steps to engage people, but it's growing quickly. Must have good photos and be able to capture and audience in a few words to get interest in your pins. So...which is best for you?

Either is a TRAFFIC platform meaning they are specifically for driving viewers and traffic to YOU.
Twitter doesn't do that. Facebook prefers you stay on their…

Pinterest Top Keyword Searched Terms - Make Money at Home - Home Business

Would you like to capture over 5 million viewers each month? Each of they TOP SEARCHED terms is hot on Pinterest for the phrase listed.
Pinterest Top Keyword Searched Terms - Make Money at Home - Home Business

What does this mean?
It means that if you use the exact phrase in your pin or description, you'll have a better chance of getting views.
These are very general, so the more you niche down, the better chance you'll have of getting views for your specific needs.

For example:
Best home business ideas for moms on a budget How to make money at home crafts decoupage plates

These are just a few terms to get you started!

money at home
make extra money at home
make money at home crafts
earn money at home
make money at home fast
make money at home surveys
make money home
home business ideas
home business tips
home business office
at home business
home care business
home business organization
best home business ideas

To learn how I get these and any other terms I want for topic searches from Pinterest, s…