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Kids Fantasy Penpals Club: Monster Treehouse Club Who we are:
We write letters to children from our fictional character line and children
are allowed to write back and become fantasy penpals (of sorts).

GROK Learning -- Drop In Tutoring for Kids

Grok Learning!

Online tutoring company focusing on homework help and school curriculum.

Students can access a tutor to help them with homework Sunday-Thursday 4-10pm EST. There are no appointments, long-term contracts, or hidden fees and we offer a free week trial!

How to teach your kids confidence & integrity under $20 (for ages 7-12)
How to teach your kids confidence & integrity under $20 (for ages 7-12)

WAHMs: Free resources for building your home party plan business


Looking for some free or low-cost source for building your business?
Here are a couple I use and really like:

PureChat - go to my site: and see the rather large blue chat balloon pop up. It is a free chat service I use to talk to customers who have questions. Go to

**If you're online and have questions about how to build your business or any of our products, feel free to chat with me or leave your question and email and I'll get right back to you!**

24-7PressRelease - this site has been a great resource for sending out and distributing freebie and low-cost press releases. If you want to get some great exposure on Google, PR is the way to go. You can write a release and distribute it in just a day for some good views online. (Be sure you are writing a release and not an ad--ads will not be accepted by the site.) Go to:

To get more articles, tips and resources to build your home business,…

WAHMs: Make teaching your kids to tie a tie fun!

Action! Adventure! Fun lesson for learning to tie a necktie.

WAHM Interview: YOUNIQUE Makeup by Nicole

1. Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent?
Younique is a naturally based mineral makeup company with just over 16,000 presenters worldwide. Our current line of makeup includes high-quality natural mineral pigments, concealers and blushers. We also offer a luxurious line of skin care that includes Awake Facial Cleanser, Brilliant Moisturizer and Flawless BB Cream. Our best seller is our 3D Fiber Lashes. Watch as your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of!

Younique is one of the first direct sales companies to sell exclusively through social media, so there is no need to do home parties. You can run your business completely from home. Presenters are given a free website, with no monthly fees and no auto-ships. Best of all, Younique presenters are paid DAILY.

2. How long have you been involved with this? How did you get into it?
When I signed up as a network marketer with Younique, I was a little nervous I'd never make the money I paid for the…