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WAHM Business Ideas: Great Businesses to Start in 2013

WAHM Best Businesses of 2012 / 2013 

Thinking of starting your own business? Now is a great time to branch out and be on your own. The economy is rough and many women are deciding to launch their dream business now.

But what are the best businesses for 2013?

There are some trends and there are some perennials here, but all of them have HUGE growth potential for 2013 and beyond.

 1. Start your own PET GROOMING business. If you love animals, this could be a perfect business for you. It can be done on a shoestring (to start) and clients are already waiting to get little Fifi looking her best. Learn about how you can get trained and get on your way to making a good income with pet grooming...Click Here!

WAHM Jobs 20122. What's a HUGE industry and shows no signs of stopping? Medical. You can get in on this by learning the valuable skill of medical transcription. People are earning extremely large incomes, from home, doing this and you can, too. Get a well-reviewed guide to getting started...Click Here!

  3. Do love food? Catering is not new, but it is a very-needed business and one that isn't going anywhere. Think of all the wedding, parties, corporate events that go on every year in every sized town in America, and you'll see that there is definitely room for a prepared and trained caterer. Here's a guide to gettting started earning money in catering ...Click Here!

4. This business is always is need! Start your own home secretarial business and help local entrepreneurs and small businesses. This is perfect for the WAHM who wants to work from home, be in control of her own future and earnings and has a computer ready and waiting to go! Click Here!


Get Leads Fast: Two Sure-Fire Methods


Needs Leads? Here are a couple sure-fire ways to get leads quickly.

Ask Permission
To get great leads, you first need to give permission to someone to market to them. By this we mean, you can offer a complimentary newsletter or send a postcard offering them a complimentary gift. If someone decides to take you up on your offer, they will contact you to get the free item. When they do this, they have given you "permission" to market to them. This is also known as "opt-in" marketing. The person has opted in to your program. They are now a bona-fide lead.

After you get the response from them, you can then add them to your regular mailing list, follow up with them for sales/questions, invite them to sales events. If you have an enticing offer, you will increase the amount of leads you get! By offering a free newsletter with helpful tips (for cooking, children, beauty--whatever your business target is) AND a free gift, you will get better, more qualified leads actually contacting you!

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Establishing yourself as an expert
OK, get ready to groan...this tip involves something some people hate so much they would rather have a root canal than is public speaking. (Told you!) But once you get past your initial fear, think about it. If you want to market your business and service and establish credibility to numerous people at one time, try speaking at a live event. Even if it's only 10 people--these are now 10 new prospects.

If you have spent a lot of time and money marketing yourself to one, two or three people at a time, you should consider growing that audience. If you can book yourself as a speaker to specific groups in your local area, you can develop yourself as an expert on your subject. These events are going on in nearly every sized city (business groups, womens groups, mommy groups, success groups, networking events, etc.) The mere fact that you get up in front of others will help to establish you as an expert.

Do a little research of groups in your area. Identify one or two that may work for you and write them a letter explaining your business and a brief outline of topics you speak about. You will almost certainly get some bites, and you can start getting yourself in front of many new prospects. If you are shy, work as a team with someone else in your business or in a complementary business. Put together a "team speech" for even more confidence!

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Be a Wealthy WAHM

WAHM Home Party Selling Objection Busters

Objections? Counter with these come-backs!

Selling can be fun, challenging, profitable and frustrating. It order to make it a little easier, be prepared with responses to some common objections:

I can buy it cheaper elsewhere
Can you get it with the same advantages (ingredients, etc.)?
Is it actually the same thing that you are buying elsewhere?

I can't afford it
Let me show you how it would be more cost-effective in the long run
Let me show you how long it will last
Let me show our payment options
We do offer discounts under the following circumstances
There will be a price increase on this soon
Let me show you how you could get it at a big discount (recruiting prospect)

It won't work for meTell me more about what you need
Why do you feel it won't work
We offer a money-back guarantee

I'll think about it
Is there additional information I can give you to help you decide?
Here's a sample you can try
We have a special promotion for a limited time
What questions do you still have?

I don't like _________ about it.
Can you tell me specifically what you don't like?
In what way would you like it to be different?

Once you have prepared yourself for most of the common objections you hear, you can counter them easily and help your prospect make an informed decision.

A large part of selling is listening, assessing and making recommendations to your customers. If you really care about helping them solve a problem versus just making a sale, they will be more comfortable buying from you...again and again.

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WAHM BRAND: Make your home business stand out

Make Your Brand STICKY with these simple tips...

Doing a little branding of yourself? Make it stick with these simple tips...

Thanks to the uber-easy self promotion tools available, communicating with thousands (millions, even) is so easy. The internet will give you more personal branding opportunities than you could possibly use.

Stick to these simple tips:

1). Give to Get Marketing
Give away useful content; get a devoted reader. Be a real person and provide a little insight to you and your business to make people feel comfortable. The days of hiding behind your computer to pretend you're a big conglomerate are over. Don't try to be overly formal or jet out useless emails full of hype and fluff.

2). Balance is the key
Just because it's so easy to send a million emails a day doesn't mean you should. Build a following by providing generous content and always leave your readers wanting a little more. Your online reputation is important. Make us understand you respect us and want to be helpful and polite and we'll pick you first for kick-ball. (Well, you know what I mean!)

3). Be a Social Butterfly
Those on the web usually flit and fleet to this and that...all at a moment's notice. Get involved in all the social media aspects to capture the most attention.

4). Your're off
Just as you market online, don't forget about that lonely snail just waiting to send your mail. Market yourself offline too. With all clutter in people's email boxes these days, it's becoming more hip to market via mail. Hit 'em either way to make sure your message gets through.

5). Be a good person
Simple enough, right? Do the right thing, be a person of integrity. Be polite and friendly. Don't get caught in a tug-of-war with an argumentative person. Agree to disagree and walk away. Better to lose the business then your rep.

You can brand yourself following these simple strategies. Before you know it, you may be a household name!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Networking Made Easy: 8 Tips That Work!

Networking Made Easy:
8 Tips That Work!

Networking Made Easy: 8 Tips That Work!

Networking can be fun (no, it’s really true!). It is sometimes a necessary business development and marketing function and a chance to let your community know you exist. It can be enjoyable and beneficial by meeting new contacts, creating alliances and making supportive friendships. However, sometimes these networking groups and functions can be a waste of time. Use these 8 tips to make your efforts more successful!

1. Be wise.

Choose the organizations you belong to by asking yourself: What do I need to help my business grow? Don’t spend time going to things that “might” be beneficial. Know upfront if it’s a group or function that can help you.

2. Have a goal.

Be prepared! Know what you want out of the function or group before you go. You will achieve more if you have a plan. You will also go home feeling more confident and successful if you meet your goal!

3. Do some digging.

Know what the group does before you get there. Ask questions and understand how the group runs. Some groups may be more rigid with regard to how much self-promotion is possible; others provide space to display your promotional material and business cards.

4. Be prepared!

Have plenty of business cards. You may need to write down a name and address, or scribble yourself a reminder. So make sure you have the right tools to suit the event, don’t just rely on your memory.

5. Make conversation. Build relationships.

Ask some good questions that allow you to find out a bit about the person and their business needs. Become a great listener. You are there to get to know people – not to sell to them on the spot.


6. Search out key contacts.

Don't wait for people to come and talk to you. If there is someone in particular that you would like to meet, seek them out. Share with them what you might have in common. The best conversation starter: An open-ended question. It will help get the ball rolling to learning more about them.

7. Take notes.

Take quick notes to remind yourself to do anything you may have promised, or to remember a particular conversation you have had in more detail. Don’t trust your memory—write it down!

8. Follow up.

Following up after the event is key. This is where the real deals are made. Be sure to do any follow up required and make it a part of your standard networking practice.

Great networking tips by Dionndra Kinsey, Passion Parties Consultant. To learn more, visit

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