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Original Limited Edition Art Print - Gifts under $20.00

Original Limited Edition Art Print - Gift under $20.00

an original, limited edition art print of
original watercolor painting fused with digital media.
Download and frame!
8" x 10"
Other sizes available or contact seller for custom matted print.

How to Get Direct Sales Leads from Amazon (Paid Free to You Leads)

How to Get Direct Sales Leads from Amazon on Autopilot

This is a simple method!
First, decide  on a niche for your products/business. For example, if you sell essential oils, one niche could be how they are used to help alleviate migraine headaches.
Write several articles (ORIGINAL CONTENT) or have them written on this topic. 
Articles could be similar to:
Type of essential oils to use What oils do what Why they work on headaches Why they are good for migraine sufferers Why they are better than drugs/pills How they work on the system Etc.
After you have a few good article compiled, format this for Kindle, add a nice cover (pay for it if you don't have the graphic skills since a cover is what will help it sell).
Give the book away free or sell it for .99 on Amazon.
Offer people a free sample of your oil for migraines or a free list of the best oils to use and a
good discount from your store.
Drive readers to your blog or site and have them sign up to the get the freebies.
Now you have a new p…

How to Get Bookings When You Have None, Bookings for Direct Sales

How to Get Bookings When You Have None

If you're in network marketing, party plan or direct sales, you know the value of leads that are primed--they know you and feel comfortable with you.

 These are key to an easier sale and even possibly a new downline member. If you're looking for leads like this, there are a number of ways to get them. First, don't pay for them. Why? There are methods you can use that will ensure you a steady stream of leads.

 One idea, if you're in home party sales and rely on working parties to get the bulk of your sales and recuits, is to forget the old sales party. These days parties are being tailored to mirror all different uses and styles. For example, an edu-party is a party that features an educational slant. It needn't be boring or dull. A simple cooking lesson would be a great fit for anyone selling home or kitchen items.

You could do a basic accupressure class to relieve stress points and throw a candle party at the same time. Get…

Get Party Plan Bookings with a Video Like This - Book More Parties, No C...

Get Party Plan Bookings with a Video Like This - Book More Parties, No Cold Calling, MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling,

Need to book more parties, get more leads and build up your home party plan, direct selling business - BUT HATE COLD CALLING and BEGGING FOR BOOKINGS?

Get bookings to call you with a BOOSTED video like this!

We'll prepare the video custom for your area, BOOST them with our proprietary rankings boosters and soon you'll be on the top search listings for GIRLS NIGHT OUT or MOMS NIGHT OUT in your very own hometown.

how to book parties without being pushy

booking parties for direct sales

how to ask someone to host a party for you

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how to get bookings when you have none

Get leads to call you and book! We'll show you exactly how to use the system!

Get Party Plan Bookings with a Video Like This - Book More Parties, No Cold Calling, MLM


Moms-To-Be - What to do on pregnancy bedrest - OH BABY BABY

NEW MOM - BABY BONDING Do you know a mom-to-be or someone on pregnancy bedrest?

Do you love coloring and adult coloring books that release stress and help you RELEASE YOUR INNER ARTIST?
For moms-to-be, baby bonding time, pregnancy bedrest -- a coloring book with lots of cute babies, great baby names, original adult coloring designs and more!

Check out this new series of adult coloring books by a group of artists. A portion of proceeds goes to help charities like ASPCA and horse rescues!

Party (Plan) on Instagram: How some direct sellers are killing it with social media

Some sellers are killing it with social media (and not even holding parties any more?)
With the advent of social media, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so many others, some sellers are literally making thousands from their ability to build a social platform and create sales and even recruits without ever leaving home.
Now, this doesn't happen overnight and the the party is STILL the #1 way to bring in fast sales and build your recruits. However...if you'd like to work in your pjs a couple of days a week and start seeing revenue, you need to be savvy and stick to what works.
1. Build your website! So many sellers neglect this. They think just having a distributor site is enough. NO. Neither is just having a blog or Facebook site. If you want to be taken as a pro, be a pro and build a nice looking, easy-to-navigate site.
2. Brand yourself. What are you selling? Makeup? Pet items? Children's Book? Food and kitchenware? Figure out what moves…

Adult Coloring Books- Release Your Inner Artist - Grown up stress relief and enjoyment coloring books for Cat Lovers, Puppy Love, Oh Baby Baby


Party Plan Leads: Is There A Good Way To Get Them? Endless Bookings Book More Home Parties Reviews

Party Plan Leads: Is There A Good Way To Get Them? Have you looked for ways to grow your home direct sales business? There are literally TONS on the internet (enough to make your head spin!) I get tired and overwhelmed by it all, but I have found a few and I'll review them as I come across them.

After popping through a few party planand wahm "home sales" companies, I finally found one I liked. I was determined to make it work. My first order of business was to get bookings to make sales and make money (which I really needed--who doesn't?).

Party plan businesses want you to (usually) book home sales parties. My mentor was the "queen" at this and I had lots of fun working these parties (not to mention they brought me some quick cash). The problem was that I found I quickly ran out of bookings and people to hold them for me.

The one program I tried first was the Get Booked Solid program. My sis …

Cat Lover's Release Your Inner Artist Adult Coloring Book

Just Released on Amazon Adult Coloring Book: CAT LOVER'S
Release Your Inner Artist Adult Coloring Book
Learn more about Cat Lover's Adult Coloring Book on Amazon Get FREE MINI COLORING BOOK DOWNLOADS! Watch for our soon-to-be released PUPPY L OVE! GET FREE MINI COLORING BOOKS DOWNLOADS - DOGS CATS

Global Forest Consulting: An interview with the CFO and Business Management Consultant

Talking to a Principal from Global Forest Consulting:

What are you all about?

My service helps companies with losses or break-even cases to get into healthy profits

We dive into real reasons behind the financial performance. We then work with the implementation and resolve the causes of the problem.

We offer monitoring and fine tuning and investigating with reasons for continued resolution. Global Forest Consulting ensures financial stability.

We could also work on business improvement and continuity once business performance stabilizes.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2009.

I have came to realise that I have special business acumen and passion to tell the financial health status of companies and can accurately predict the future of the company and also implement new ways to help companies to the way they want to be. I have been helping many companies since then. Check out my LinkedIn testimonials and endorsements!

Learn more:

=>… Interview - Learn more about them!

Today we're talking with HotelsEtc,com/go Representative:

We offer an opportunity to become a distributor and make money helping others save money. We have the lowest travel rates on the globe; as much as 80% off public rates--including entertainment and recreation.

2. Been with the business since 2005 and got involved as a distributor.

3. We are looking for people who want to work from home and tap into the trillion dollar discount industry.

4. We've been in business since 1996 with A+ ratings across the board. Our team is dedicated in providing quality discounts!

They can call 1-877-967-7283 ext 4