MLM Party Plan Recruiting: Where to get leads that are looking to join a home business

How to add 2-5 new recruits a week ... realistically!

Here is a series I'm doing to help you recruit!

The lifeblood of your business is LEADS.

You must have qualified, targeted leads consistently to build your business (sales and recruits). However, they are not always easy to find and if you're not careful you can spin your wheels and spend a LOT of money and end up with not much (been there, done that!)

My best sources of leads are to use the following tools. They are not free, but they are low-cost and they bring in actual visitors, leads and possible buyers and/or recruits (if you know how to work them...coming in the next issue).

So here is my best, proven and tested advice for finding leads online.

To get leads, you can do a few of the following:

-- Get targeted traffic to your site and get them to sign up for something so you can continue to market to them and promote yourself and your products

 -- Buy leads that are interested in joining a home business -- Yes, they can be pricey so be sure to get fresh, qualified leads that have NOT been resold several times. These leads can be quite good in helping you build you team, but only if you are willing to contact them (via email and phone) and be consistent and proactive!

-- Get your business in front of amazingly qualified and interested people. For example, would you love to get your business in front of people who are actually qualified BUYERS? For example, if you sell women-oriented items, get your ad in front of women who are proven online buyers and/or who are looking to join a home business?
See our BUZZ BABY program for a 3-way punch of traffic, prospects and search engine visibility.

If you are interested in building a rock-solid direct sales business, you can work with me personally for a weekly punch of proven, results-getting activities -OR- you can choose our Fast Traffic program ...l earn how you can get 1,000 targeted visitors to your site every month for under $20!

Next time... How to Work Your Leads for Results!

What do Direct Sales Superstars all have in common (click image to find out!)


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