Direct Sales Success? What do the TOP National Sales Directors Know That You Don't?

Direct Sales Success: What do TOP National Sales Directors Know?

How to get themselves in front of people. Simple as that. You cannot make sales without getting your business in front of people, right?

Sure, you can spend hours on Facebook, Tweet your heart out and revise your website and blog until your brain bleeds. But until you get in front of an actual paying customer (either in person or via phone), it's a hard sell.

You're just one of millions online. But when you're in front of one or six people doing a class or presentation, you're a star.

A star? Really? Isn't that pushing it a bit, Karen?

No. You are the star of the show. You are the main event. You are IT. People are listening, focusing, thinking about what you have to say. Isn't that what our celebrities do? Whether they are a "real housewife" or a bonafide actor (Meryl or Denzel or Kate [pick one]), we are paying attention to them when they are in front of us and the same goes for you.

But getting that platform can be tough sometimes. Hours on the phone? Sending out tons of emails, FB posts or tweets? Do you have the time, energy and know-how to make these really pay off...and quickly?

Should you pay for leads? What do you do with them once you've got them? How, oh how, do you get those customers without literally stopping people on the street to BOOK them now?

It's actually not so tough. Even if you are in a new town and know NOBODY, you can start getting people in front of you, listening to you and enjoying the show! It's just a matter of being unique, ingenuitive and actually, quite thrifty!

I have been doing this a LONG time...well, about 12 years, and in that time, I can see within just a few minutes what the weak spots are in someone's efforts. I can see where they shine and where they don't. I can see what is working, and what isn't and what their "blocks" are.

So in doing so, I can devise an action plan that is customized just for them. Love the phone? Great, we'll make that a central feature in your week. Hate it? No problem, we'll make it almost (almost) non-existent.

I can put together a program that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning and get going (OK, I'm being a bit dramatic), but truly, I can get you on a path that makes you excited and PROFITABLE quickly.

The question is...are you really motivated to shine? Are you ready to work? Are $10K a month commission checks enough of a carrot for you to put the program in place now to make those happen by this time in the next year or two?

It doesn't happen overnight. I happens slowly sometimes; sometime quickly. It has it's wonderful moments and defeats. It's business. Every entrepreneur goes through it.

But, if you want it, I can help you stop running on the hamster wheel, spinning and overwhelmed and start making real profits roll in for you. You'll be surprised how easy and quickly it can happen, too.

Ready? Let's chat or talk right now! Visit me at

I can promise you it's cheap (under $100), fun, challenging and even includes FREE leads and other goodies to help your business grow each and every month!

Check it out and either call me at 888-837-4994 or drop me an email or chat now at:

Let's get this party started! I GUARANTEE results!


  1. Wow! What great tips and advice on where and how to market next. This will help me get over my hump since I have used up my warm market and needed help in where to go next. Thank you!!

    Direct Selling Franchise


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