WAHM Tip: How to get your business on first page of Google

Want to get on GOOGLE? How about Page One?

Here it is -- it's amazing how this can happen.
You have a site. You have a blog. But do you have a video?
Here's the thing many internet marketers know: If you have a video - WITH THE RIGHT KEY WORDS -- you can get on page one of Google within just days (sometimes hours).
The RIGHT KEY WORDS are what does it. For example, if you do a video for your team and title it "Jan's Team Tips," it will only get found if:
1. You send the link to people (your team)
2. Someone is looking on the internet for Jan's Team Tips.
Otherwise, it will likely get buried.
However, if you title it Jan's Superstar Party Plan Recruiting Tips, anyone searching for "party plan recruiting" or "recruiting tips" will be likely to see it on Google on page one or two.
Not bad.
Or, you could a blog post. If you title it right, it might get higher ranking and get you visibility on Google.
Moral of the story:
Title your internet options correctly for better visibility. It's free and it works!



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