Direct Sales Coach: No Rejection Prospecting

How to prospect without fear of rejection:
These days we have so many tools at our fingertips! When I started my business there was no internet, no Facebook, no email. You had to pick up the phone or send snail mail to contact people.
Wow, how things have let's use these tools to our advantage. can suck up a LOT of time trying to learn them and use them effectively.
One super simple prospecting method is being used by top marketers and recruiters everywhere, yet many still are not using it.
Do this at least twice a week and start to see your team and customers grow!
Here's the steps to take:
1. Get your prospect list in order. You likely have about 20 people you've put off calling and can contact.
2. Get your message in line. Are you contacting them about recruiting? Sales? Bookings? Write a short (a line or two) message for each prospect. You can use one message for all your recruit prospects, one for sales follow ups, etc.
3. Get out your phone and write each one a text message. Ask them:
"Are you interested in making some money? I'm adding to my team and you'd be great! Text me!"
"Just checking in...I'm offering a 20% discount on skincare this month and wanted to be sure to let you know! Here's the link: "
"Hi! I'm looking at my calendar and I'd love to schedule some time with you and some friends for a girl's night out and pamper you. Interested? Text me!"
These are examples-just tweak them for your use.
Studies show that most people these days prefer text messages vs. phone calls. They are more apt to respond and read your message if you send a text.
You can do this yourself or use a service that sends bulk texts for you. You just input your phone contacts, messages and can even schedule them to go out!
If you include a link to your site, your phone number or email, people can contact you at their leisure and when they are most interested.
Again, with any type of contact, follow up is critical! If you send message twice a week, you'll have a good schedule of follow up.


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