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Direct Sales Bookings: 6 Simple Ways to Get One

Direct Sales Bookings: The Lifeblood of Your Business!

Yet getting them is not the easiest task for many. Why? Because you hate to "bug" your friends and family. You hate to ask to something you know is basically a sales-oriented thing. You feel bad doing it, even though you know they'd love it!

But this is the wrong way to think. The mindset you need to have continuously is that you are A Booking Machine. You get bookings easily and constantly. You have a fully-booked calendar.

Yeah, right. If it were just that easy.


It can be. But, that's just the first step. Every day, tell yourself you are going to get a booking today. Say it out loud in the morning. Set your day up for this task.

Then do one of the following each and every day (5 days out of 7):

1. Pick up the phone and call your best customers. Tell them they will get (a hostess gift, a 30% savings on their next order, a pony) if they will hold a party. Let them know how much it would mean to you to have them as an advocate.

2. Make yourself known by promoting your business to your local community. Start a small business women networking group and promote yourself within the group. Meet monthly, swap leads, hold events together.

3. Get outside of your circle and work with local small business. Find a complementary business and do joint mailings, ads, events, swaps. For example, an independent hair stylist might be a great fit for your skincare business. Get together and do makeovers for women going back into the workforce, who have survived an illness or for moms who never get a break! The possibilities are endless.

4. Get a following on social media by doing short how-to videos that show your products, what they do, how they solve a problem. Post them everywhere and be sure to have a leads sign up form for people to sign up for more helpful tips from you.

5. Get a couple of friends to give out catalogs, fliers or brochures at their workplace. This gets you out of your circle and helps you expand. Give your girlfriends a great discount or free gift for doing it.

6. Run a contest on Facebook. Get people to your offer and to your site with weekly ads that promote a special product discount or BOGO offer. Make them fun and you will get interest!

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