Global Forest Consulting: An interview with the CFO and Business Management Consultant

Talking to a Principal from Global Forest Consulting:

What are you all about?

My service helps companies with losses or break-even cases to get into healthy profits

We dive into real reasons behind the financial performance. We then work with the implementation and resolve the causes of the problem.

We offer monitoring and fine tuning and investigating with reasons for continued resolution. Global Forest Consulting ensures financial stability.

We could also work on business improvement and continuity once business performance stabilizes.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2009.

I have came to realise that I have special business acumen and passion to tell the financial health status of companies and can accurately predict the future of the company and also implement new ways to help companies to the way they want to be. I have been helping many companies since then. Check out my LinkedIn testimonials and endorsements!

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=> WHO AM I?

I’m an ROI-focused, performance-driven, international CFO and Business Management Consultant.

What does that mean? 

It means that with 20+ years of experience - working with both emerging and established businesses on strategic planning, risk reduction, cash flow optimization, and more – I bring a rich set of skills to the table. 

My client base is broad and diverse – ranging anywhere from major companies to small start-up companies/major international franchises/corporations.


Book a free Business Strategy Session with me, and we will go ahead and discuss YOUR business goals and challenges.

Next, I will go through and identify the main problems impacting your company growth, and help you put in place a growth and repair strategy that is tailored to your business. Case studies can be found for your further information.


My business services include everything from enterprise accounting to financial analysis.
I identify and evaluate your business problems, then create solutions that your can implement in your dynamic organizational environment - at a competitive cost.

I’ve helped businesses establish financial frameworks, analyze their financial reports, and improved their financial performance[specifics] through proficiency in international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and Sarbanes-Oxley procedures.


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