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3 Fantastic Locations For Taking Autumnal Photos Of Your Children

Autumn is a wonderful time of year and can really help to spruce up your photos. With beautiful colours and contrasts, different textures to play with and subtle lighting, it’s the perfect season for getting those snaps just right.

And it can be an even better time of year to take photographs of your kids, giving them a fun opportunity to play around during the shoot and making them look even cuter than usual when bundled up in all those winter clothes.

But, where exactly are the best places to make the most of the season when shooting with kids? Here, we’ve found our top 3 locations for taking photos of your children in Autumn.

Wooded areas

This is the most obvious location for taking autumnal photographs but also the best. It allows you to take classic photos of children playing amongst beautiful autumn leaves and can have them in lots of different natural poses.

Photographing your kids is much easier when they’re having fun and allows you to capture the real happiness and cheekiness in their smiles better than in a forced setting. Having them throw some leaves around or jump into them will not only make them happy, but will also produce great photographs.

To provide a bit more variety in your photos, you could opt for a country park which will balance the trees with other features like lakes and old buildings.

This post by the Guardian has some suggestions of places to visit to get those perfect backdrops.

Pumpkin patch

Autumn wouldn’t be autumn without this seasonal produce and pumpkins are a great way to improve your photographs.

The vibrant orange colours of pumpkins look great on camera and your kids will enjoy a trip out to pick their own pumpkin. With little ones surrounded by these huge squashes, it can make for a great photo opportunity. Try finding a hale bale kicking around and have them perch on that for a real rustic take on it.

This page has a list of all UK pumpkin patches to find one nearby.

If there’s no pumpkin farm near you, other autumnal fruit can work just as well, so a trip to an apple orchard for some fruit picking can be a perfect photo opportunity. Alternatively, create your own DIY pumpkin patch here.


Many people limit their autumnal photo shoots to areas of the great outdoors. However, whilst autumn is a great time for mother nature, the city also offers plenty of photo opportunities for kids.

We spoke to Filming With Kids who said: “Many people overlook taking photos in the city and reserve it purely for the countryside. Yet, the contrast that exists in cities and towns make for great pictures. Gold, yellow and red leaves stand out perfectly against a backdrop of modern buildings and the different locations available across a city gives you plenty of options to get the right one.”

Positioning your children in a leafy park with a backdrop of a city or town can give autumnal photos a great twist.

This Time Out post shows the great potential of photographing in a city.


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