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Party Plan Leads: Is There A Good Way To Get Them? Have you looked for ways to grow your home direct sales business? There are literally TONS on the internet (enough to make your head spin!) I get tired and overwhelmed by it all, but I have found a few and I'll review them as I come across them.


After popping through a few party plan  and wahm "home sales" companies, I finally found one I liked. I was determined to make it work. My first order of business was to get bookings to make sales and make money (which I really needed--who doesn't?).


Party plan businesses want you to (usually) book home sales parties. My mentor was the "queen" at this and I had lots of fun working these parties (not to mention they brought me some quick cash). The problem was that I found I quickly ran out of bookings and people to hold them for me.


The one program I tried first was the Get Booked Solid program. My sis found it for me while looking on the web and sent me the link. I read through the site for a couple days before I actually bought it. I hate buying things when I don't know exactly what I'm getting upfront. Buying ebooks is usually like this--they never tell you the "secrets" in the site.


I bought it and I read it that night and listened to the audio and poked around to read all the bonus articles included in the purchase (a nice extra) over the next couple of days. I was impressed with all the extras for wahms like me.


Well I thought I wasted my money because it took a few days to get going, but after I tried it a couple times, it actually worked very well. I really got some good bookings and started to make more sales. I'm sure if I would have worked at it harder and longer, I'd have done even better. I used it a few times and it always worked pretty well. I’m looking forward to using it more after my kids go back to school in the fall.


The Get Booked Solid program is good, but for a little extra money you can really get a full marketing program with their (the same company's) other "system" called Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System. It's got a cool calendar of tasks and a pretty full marketing program with it.


I got some really good growth with this system. I should have saved money and bought it first, because the Get Booked Solid book is included anyway!


All in all, the bottom line with party plans is that you must hold home sales parties and really work the system to develop a good business. These are just two tools I've used that work. You can find them by just searching “get booked solid” or their site is


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