Are you SERIOUS about filling your booking calendar? How to get a booking without asking for it (it can be done!)


As a direct seller, it's tiring constantly looking for bookings.

What do you do to get a booking when you have none?

1. You can call  your sister and ask her (yet again) to hold a party for you.

2. You can ask your work buddy (yet again) to hold a party for you.

3. You can start working your list and asking them (yet again) to hold a party for you.

4. You can give up and put it off for another day-week-month and still not get any bookings.

The way to get bookings is to make sure you stand out to women in your area looking for what you have to offer!

It's not rocket science, people! It's math!

For example:

If you are "hidden" from your local community, how many people do you expect to call you? 

By hidden, I mean, not 100% visible when people use Google, social media, Youtube, etc.

YOU SHOULD BE #1 in your local area for your business services:

1. Skincare, cosmetics, anti-aging, body care, cellulite control, etc.

2. Children's toys, educational items, kid's gifts

3. Candles, essential oils, home spa treatments and items

...the list goes on...

Google your product/service (not brand name) and your local area.


What about in Youtube?

I have been working on ranking, SEO, video marketing and branding for years. I finally have a proprietary system that works to get videos on top page(s) of Youtube, Google and more.

It's fast and the rankings tend to stick very well!

Are you interested in getting bookings and driving traffic to you vs. going out and looking for it?


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