Party (Plan) on Instagram: How some direct sellers are killing it with social media


Some sellers are killing it with social media (and not even holding parties any more?)

With the advent of social media, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so many others, some sellers are literally making thousands from their ability to build a social platform and create sales and even recruits without ever leaving home.

Now, this doesn't happen overnight and the the party is STILL the #1 way to bring in fast sales and build your recruits. However...if you'd like to work in your pjs a couple of days a week and start seeing revenue, you need to be savvy and stick to what works.


1. Build your website! So many sellers neglect this. They think just having a distributor site is enough. NO. Neither is just having a blog or Facebook site. If you want to be taken as a pro, be a pro and build a nice looking, easy-to-navigate site.

2. Brand yourself. What are you selling? Makeup? Pet items? Children's Book? Food and kitchenware? Figure out what moves you beyond just another seller of these items. Likely, you are a "makeup artist" or "skincare consultant" or something similar if you sell makeup. Maybe you are a "advocate for early childhood education" if you sell children's learning toys. Perhaps you are a "healthy home/private chef" if you sell kitchen items/food.

3. Post photos that are non-sales-oriented just as often as you post sales photos. A photo of the new serum your company offers is great. Better: a photo of you or a friend before and after using the serum. Perhaps a photo of 7-steps to making healthy food. In other words, teach, educate and draw the viewer in to learn more.

See our PARTY ON INSTAGRAM book on Amazon Kindle for more tips on how to build a solid online social media following that brings in sales and recruits.

Instagram is the perfect social media platform for direct sales products!
Simple to use and a great way to drive sales to your website!

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