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WAHM Business Opportunity: Be a DOULA!

Read our interview with a leader who has a new and exciting business opportunity...

1.   Tell us about your business opportunity--what do you represent?


We train and certify individuals to work with expectant and new parents, through a 6-in-1 certification training program.  It is the most comprehensive program in the industry, preparing you for a highly flexible career - you can stack the areas of your work life in whatever way you like.  
The work is rewarding, there is a lot of flexibility, and fantastic earning potential.  Upon completion of training, you have certifications in six areas: birth doula, postpartum doula, antepartum doula, in-home childbirth educator, parenting preparation coach, and family lifestyle professional organizer. 
After a 20 week online training coupled with one-on-one coaching sessions, you receive a 6 week business training program, a digital file with materials to launch (client handouts, promotional materials, record-keeping materials) and even a website template to help you create an online presence quickly.  
You then receive ongoing educational support through monthly newsletters containing educational podcasts, industry updates, and more.  The idea is to create an opportunity for people to create re-warding self-employment, with a highly flexible schedule, and solid earning potential.  


2.   How long have you been involved with this? How did you get into it?


I was a parent educator, life coach, parenting/relationship author, and professional organizer for many years.  I wanted to be a midwife, and began apprenticing in that field, but found I liked the emotional connection of labor support, better. 
Entering the field from that perspective, I saw that the training of most certification programs didn’t provide much in terms of support, plus I saw that my other skills combined well - thus the 6-in-1 training.  Creating a more demanding doula certification program seemed an obvious need to meet.  
My program allows people to provide truly comprehensive support that spans a longer time, and works more deeply with their client than other trainings go.  I’ve been in this about 5 years now.  


3.   What type of team members are you looking for?


The ideal student candidate is seeking an independent professional career, wants to make a difference in their community as well as in their lives.  They are committed to excellence, and tend toward empathy.  They have to be ready to work long hours when attending a birth, and have good organizational skills to manage their client appointment schedule.   They must also appreciate a varied schedule. 
Our professionals may work 2-4 long days per month, while attending a birth, then combine all of their in-home consulting and education sessions into another 3-5 long days of work - or span them out across shorter periods of time across more days.   That flexibility and diversity of schedule and tasks is not for everyone. 
However, if you are well-suited for it, it feels like a golden opportunity to earn solid income in what totals a lot less days, if you slice it right.  Plus the income can be phenomenal.   In major metropolitan areas, such as NYC, it is not uncommon for an experienced doula to earn $1200-1800 per birth, and up to $550 for a one-evening in-home education session with a few follow-up emails.


4.   What is special about your business/team?


We are the most rigorous in the industry - our training is not for lightweights.  We have been called the “Harvard of Doula & Parent Support Training.”  Other training programs have open admissions - we only accept 300 students world-wide annually, and that makes it very competitive.  Many other training programs are one weekend long - we have a 20 week, 200 hour base training program, with one-on-one coaching sessions, then mentorship.   We have a Board Exam to qualify you - many others do not. 
We require significant safety training, unlike other portals to this work. This is because we want to ensure our graduates and their clients are safe, so they study: Blood-borne pathogen safety; food handler safety; conflict resolution skills; CPR; First Aid Safety; Body Mechanics Safety, and more.   We require a lot, but we are also known as being the highest quality  - plus we have the 6-in-1 certification which is an industry first.  Too, we have the free 60 hour business support class, and provide the materials and tools to help you successfully launch.  


5.   How can people who are interested find you?


Our website is the best starting point - we have our online inspiration catalog there, which defines the nuts and bolts.  It is at   They can also read the FAQs and learn so much more in general on the main areas of our site, at    They can also call 347-500-6038 or email us at

Thank you for taking the time to interview me - I am so thrilled to share what we do with others.  

 Thank you!


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