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Build a strong downline for your home party plan business: 5 TIPS

Build a Strong Direct Sales Downline Team with 5 Simple Tips

One of the best parts of being in direct sales is the fact that you can recruit, train and motivate a team that works for you not only building their own little empire, but helping to boost yours as well. It's the number one reason many direct sellers concentrate so hard at recruiting a team of their own.

If you are a team leader, you'll find that you must build firm alliances with team members. Not doing so would only risk losing them all together. You need to build up a solid relationship that will benefit you both. 

How can you make certain your team is feeling included and supported, but still maintain some sense of balance within your own life and business? It can be demanding trying to provide support to everyone (especially if you have a large team). Follow these five ideas for sustaining a supportive and good connection with your team: 

1. Begin well. New recruits are a little scared, excited and uncertain--all at once! Make sure they have all their questions answered and know what to do to take the fear out of this new endeavor.
Don't wait to communicate once she gets her kit. Start the training and mentoring the minute she signs up. You can do this easily via email or texting. Don't make it a monumental task; just be sure to touch base frequently.

 2. Give of yourself (for at least 15 minutes a day). Leave them a voicemail, write emails, send out broadcast emails to your group, do whatever works with your team. You can devote a few minutes to those team members who need a little more help. Make a time for a phone conference and stick to it.

3. Even if you have a personal website for your business, make a team website. It is great for communication. You can post new members, meeting dates and updates, etc. Your team can check it at their convenience and it keeps everyone connected.

4. Meeting and personal conferences with your team are essential. You should hold group meetings or even tele-meeting (everyone can dial in at a certain time and you can conduct business, answer questions, etc.) These are great and convenient, but be sure to at least have quarterly meetings and see your team in person. It makes a difference.

 5. Emails and ecards are great ways to connect. Set up a calendar of dates of your team birthdays, etc. and send them out accordingly. It lets your team know they are important to you and strengthen your bond of working together for mutual benefit.

Bottom line...communicate, communicate, communicate! Your team needs to know you are there for them and that you care about them. They'll be more likely to stay in business, work hard and stay motivated if you do these simple things.


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