Tips to Grow Your Party Plan Business Using Facebook

Here are three tips to using Facebook to grow your business:

1. Use a business page vs. a personal page: Facebook doesn't like you to use your personal page for selling and business-related items. Did you know:
-You can only have 5,000 friends on personal page vs. unlimited likes on business page!
-You can promote posts on a business page!
-You have analytics to see who is viewing your page!

2. Post at optimal times: According to one URL shortening service (, the most click-throughs happen on posts placed Monday through Thursdays from 1 - 4 p.m. The best time, according to Bitly, is Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.

3. Engage your readers: So many times I see people writing things like "XYZ company is the best! We are growing fast!" Seriously, not many will care. But, if you post questions and statistics that people will find interesting, such as "XYZ company just beat out QRS for best direct sales company to join now!" people will be more engaged.

Next time... more tips for social network marketing!


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