WAHM Home Party Selling Objection Busters

Objections? Counter with these come-backs!

Selling can be fun, challenging, profitable and frustrating. It order to make it a little easier, be prepared with responses to some common objections:

I can buy it cheaper elsewhere
Can you get it with the same advantages (ingredients, etc.)?
Is it actually the same thing that you are buying elsewhere?

I can't afford it
Let me show you how it would be more cost-effective in the long run
Let me show you how long it will last
Let me show our payment options
We do offer discounts under the following circumstances
There will be a price increase on this soon
Let me show you how you could get it at a big discount (recruiting prospect)

It won't work for meTell me more about what you need
Why do you feel it won't work
We offer a money-back guarantee

I'll think about it
Is there additional information I can give you to help you decide?
Here's a sample you can try
We have a special promotion for a limited time
What questions do you still have?

I don't like _________ about it.
Can you tell me specifically what you don't like?
In what way would you like it to be different?

Once you have prepared yourself for most of the common objections you hear, you can counter them easily and help your prospect make an informed decision.

A large part of selling is listening, assessing and making recommendations to your customers. If you really care about helping them solve a problem versus just making a sale, they will be more comfortable buying from you...again and again.

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