WAHM BRAND: Make your home business stand out

Make Your Brand STICKY with these simple tips...

Doing a little branding of yourself? Make it stick with these simple tips...

Thanks to the uber-easy self promotion tools available, communicating with thousands (millions, even) is so easy. The internet will give you more personal branding opportunities than you could possibly use.

Stick to these simple tips:

1). Give to Get Marketing
Give away useful content; get a devoted reader. Be a real person and provide a little insight to you and your business to make people feel comfortable. The days of hiding behind your computer to pretend you're a big conglomerate are over. Don't try to be overly formal or jet out useless emails full of hype and fluff.

2). Balance is the key
Just because it's so easy to send a million emails a day doesn't mean you should. Build a following by providing generous content and always leave your readers wanting a little more. Your online reputation is important. Make us understand you respect us and want to be helpful and polite and we'll pick you first for kick-ball. (Well, you know what I mean!)

3). Be a Social Butterfly
Those on the web usually flit and fleet to this and that...all at a moment's notice. Get involved in all the social media aspects to capture the most attention.

4). Your on...you're off
Just as you market online, don't forget about that lonely snail just waiting to send your mail. Market yourself offline too. With all clutter in people's email boxes these days, it's becoming more hip to market via mail. Hit 'em either way to make sure your message gets through.

5). Be a good person
Simple enough, right? Do the right thing, be a person of integrity. Be polite and friendly. Don't get caught in a tug-of-war with an argumentative person. Agree to disagree and walk away. Better to lose the business then your rep.

You can brand yourself following these simple strategies. Before you know it, you may be a household name!



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