Get Leads Fast: Two Sure-Fire Methods


Needs Leads? Here are a couple sure-fire ways to get leads quickly.

Ask Permission
To get great leads, you first need to give permission to someone to market to them. By this we mean, you can offer a complimentary newsletter or send a postcard offering them a complimentary gift. If someone decides to take you up on your offer, they will contact you to get the free item. When they do this, they have given you "permission" to market to them. This is also known as "opt-in" marketing. The person has opted in to your program. They are now a bona-fide lead.

After you get the response from them, you can then add them to your regular mailing list, follow up with them for sales/questions, invite them to sales events. If you have an enticing offer, you will increase the amount of leads you get! By offering a free newsletter with helpful tips (for cooking, children, beauty--whatever your business target is) AND a free gift, you will get better, more qualified leads actually contacting you!

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Establishing yourself as an expert
OK, get ready to groan...this tip involves something some people hate so much they would rather have a root canal than is public speaking. (Told you!) But once you get past your initial fear, think about it. If you want to market your business and service and establish credibility to numerous people at one time, try speaking at a live event. Even if it's only 10 people--these are now 10 new prospects.

If you have spent a lot of time and money marketing yourself to one, two or three people at a time, you should consider growing that audience. If you can book yourself as a speaker to specific groups in your local area, you can develop yourself as an expert on your subject. These events are going on in nearly every sized city (business groups, womens groups, mommy groups, success groups, networking events, etc.) The mere fact that you get up in front of others will help to establish you as an expert.

Do a little research of groups in your area. Identify one or two that may work for you and write them a letter explaining your business and a brief outline of topics you speak about. You will almost certainly get some bites, and you can start getting yourself in front of many new prospects. If you are shy, work as a team with someone else in your business or in a complementary business. Put together a "team speech" for even more confidence!

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