Networking Made Easy: 8 Tips That Work!

Networking Made Easy:
8 Tips That Work!

Networking Made Easy: 8 Tips That Work!

Networking can be fun (no, it’s really true!). It is sometimes a necessary business development and marketing function and a chance to let your community know you exist. It can be enjoyable and beneficial by meeting new contacts, creating alliances and making supportive friendships. However, sometimes these networking groups and functions can be a waste of time. Use these 8 tips to make your efforts more successful!

1. Be wise.

Choose the organizations you belong to by asking yourself: What do I need to help my business grow? Don’t spend time going to things that “might” be beneficial. Know upfront if it’s a group or function that can help you.

2. Have a goal.

Be prepared! Know what you want out of the function or group before you go. You will achieve more if you have a plan. You will also go home feeling more confident and successful if you meet your goal!

3. Do some digging.

Know what the group does before you get there. Ask questions and understand how the group runs. Some groups may be more rigid with regard to how much self-promotion is possible; others provide space to display your promotional material and business cards.

4. Be prepared!

Have plenty of business cards. You may need to write down a name and address, or scribble yourself a reminder. So make sure you have the right tools to suit the event, don’t just rely on your memory.

5. Make conversation. Build relationships.

Ask some good questions that allow you to find out a bit about the person and their business needs. Become a great listener. You are there to get to know people – not to sell to them on the spot.


6. Search out key contacts.

Don't wait for people to come and talk to you. If there is someone in particular that you would like to meet, seek them out. Share with them what you might have in common. The best conversation starter: An open-ended question. It will help get the ball rolling to learning more about them.

7. Take notes.

Take quick notes to remind yourself to do anything you may have promised, or to remember a particular conversation you have had in more detail. Don’t trust your memory—write it down!

8. Follow up.

Following up after the event is key. This is where the real deals are made. Be sure to do any follow up required and make it a part of your standard networking practice.

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