Read our interview with Natalie Tini, a young prolific author

Read our interview with Natalie Tini, a young prolific author
Her new book is Sewing a Friendship
So, Natalie, you're a young author! Is this something you want to do when you grow up?

>> I think so. I believe that writing is one of my talents. I wrote and illustrated 12 books and I am working on another 5 new books right now.

What is your book about?

>>My first book is about four friends and a rival. Each has a specialty. Sokron is a visual artist, Meeka loves numbers and math problems, Nina is sensitive to sound and music and Jonsy is sensitive to feelings. They decided to have a PINK SLEEPOVER to celebrate the end of school year. Meeka came up with the idea that the four of them should go to the park first. Once at the park, they met Kiki Shaver who was known as the meanest girl on the planet. Later on, they found an invitation for the fashion show; however, the rules indicated there must be five people on a team and one model from each team must be at least nine years old. They knew that Kiki would be the perfect fit, the fifth member and she was nine years old. The question is: are they brave enough to invite the meanest girl on the planet to join their team?

Why did you write it?

>> I wrote my first book Sewing a Friendship to spread my message that friendships are created when we have the courage to include others.

Who is it for?

>> From the review by James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief: “Sewing a Friendship” is an unusual, inspiring artistic conception/creation about empowering girls to overcome obstacles and use creativity to grow together. Created by 10-year-old author/illustrator Natalie Tinti, “Sewing a Friendship” is a truly unique and life enhancing book. Although the target audience might well be 7-10 years old girls, the positive messages about inclusion and imagination will also appeal to others from teens to adults.

If you had the ability to solve one problem in the world today, what would it be and why?

>>I believe the most important thing in the world that I would solve is to show/teach people to be the best friend yourself and look for positive sides in others because most people don’t feel happy about themselves, don’t appreciate what they have, don’t respect other’s people opinions.

What is your best advice for young people who are shy when it comes to making friends?

>>I believe shyness when you think is something wrong with you. So, find what is good about yourself that you can be proud, happy about it and have the courage to include others.
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