6 Article Writing Tips that Sizzle

Write lists in your articles. People like lists and they are more likely to share them.
Be sure to number your lists within your articles. People like to know how much
longer the article is expected to be. Also, keep them brief.
Use numbers in your titles. Example: “10 Best Ways to xyz"
Use “How to” in your titles. Please do love a HOW TO!
Use words like “Ultimate” or “Best” “Stunning” “Free” “Secrets”
“Discover” “Easy” “The Only ___ You’ll Need to ____” These are magnetic.
Make your titles really good. For example, this is a sucky title: “My recipe
for vegetable soup”@ and this is an awesome title: “My Spicy, Super-Simple, 10-Minute Veggie Soup Recipe” – Describe your titles with lot of visual words and adjectives.




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