WAHMS: Build an amazing leads base with these tips

Tip One

Build an amazing lead base by getting your business in front of as
many people as you can. You can offer to do public speaking (too
scary?), or give away samples/catalog at other sellers' parties or
get a local leads group going (swap leads with other direct sales

However, you choose to do it, it's the most important task you
have. Once you have the leads, you can work them to book parties,
get sales, recruit them, ask them for referrals, etc. They are the
key to building a solid biz.

It seems the most daunting task for most small businesses, but it
is the one that pays off the largest. Once you find a
lead-generating system that works and isn't too painful :), you'll
do it!

For a killer lead system that can literally triple or quadruple the
number of leads you get in a single week, check out our Direct
Sales Guide: Get Booked Solid! It's all about getting leads and
working them. It's a simple, super cheap and effective method. (Now|
offered as PRINT & AUDIO training system!)

But like anything, it works if you work it!

One thing I'd like to address for you here and now:


Just a quick search on the internet will show you pages and pages
of companies "guaranteeing" their MLM leads are fresh, responsive
and just waiting for what you have to offer. Right.


These lists are often recycled, rehashed and just plain ole' tired.
Plus you have contact them somehow (direct mail--expensive or spam
emails or phone (yikes!) You may as well pick up the phone book and
start calling people.

For party plan/direct sellers, you need a warmer approach. One
great idea is to start a local leads swap with other direct sellers
in your area. Say you sell skincare and you find a rep who sells
kitchenware. Swap your leads (customers, prospects, etc.)

Double up on mailing of catalogs, samples, brochures, etc. (some of your
stuff, some of hers). Split the cost and now you both have new
prospects and a local contact to help you build your list!

Have fun with this idea and get creative!

For more power-packed ideas, learn about the
Direct Sales Boot Camp www.directsalespower.com


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