Party Plan Sales Bookings...How to get them easier

Work smarter, not harder


Working sales parties and events can be fun, profitable and cost-effective.

(You already know this.)

You use them to present yourself and your products/services, sell products and make your income. Hopefully you are also using them to continue your success, namely booking your next event.

By nailing down at least 3 or 4 new events to work while at your present event, you will cut your booking efforts in half.

To make life easier...

In a nutshell, you are working smarter, not harder. You most likely have heard this from your top salespeople in your company, and the reason they use it is because it works.

You may feel shy or afraid to ask for more parties while working at one, but don't.

This is your business and your livelihood (or at least part of it). By making holding a party for you look attractive, fun and lucrative for the hostess, you can make it much easier to book at your current event.

One way to do it...

Whip out an AWESOME gift for your hostess and present it in front of the guests.

That can go a long way toward cementing another event (or three!). When we say awesome, we mean it--don't just give a little bauble or company-sponsored throw-away item.

Go the extra mile to win over new bookings!

Note: You should always give a little gift for booking a party, and a super gift to your hostess the night of the party (not before) to make sure the party sticks!

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