WAHM Party Plan Tips: Train your team for best results

Train your downline for best results!

List of what to train your downline

  • How to establish goals
  • How and what to know to be effective
  • How to promote
  • What to say to people when they make phone calls
  • How to set appointments
  • How to present the business or products
  • How to sell the business or products
  • How to sponsor people (the correct procedures and sequence)
  • How to train new distributors


    To get your downline to produce and produce more, you need to get them effective in each one of these areas.

    When they can do each of these things, they will be motivated because they are effective. They WILL produce because they feel ABLE to produce.

    New recruits probably feel lost in the water and seasoned pros who jump from company to company may feel like they know it all.

    What to do?

    Team them up and put in place a mentoring program. Be sure the mentors are teaching your methods, but use their learned skills and knowledge to help train your newbies.  

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