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Part Two: Focus on Recruiting Party Plan Reps


Question from a reader:

My biggest obstacle is recruiting.  I can get people that are somewhat interested but I almost always lose them along the way.  How to lock in the deal is something I'm very interested in.

How do you make them stick?

Most people will have fairly good results getting people interested in joining them at a party, but then a couple days later when they follow up, they get a "No, not right now."

What happened? Where did that enthusiasm go?

Life got in the way.

So, how to get them to join while they are still HOT? That sounds easy, right? Just sign them up at the party. Then they are in.

But sometimes even this isn't so easy. They want to think about it. And you know what happens whey they think about it. (Insert sad face here.)

The best way to get them in and get them happy about it is to offer an incentive. Even if you cannot give them a discount for joining, you can give them a nice gift or even better...a nearly guaranteed kick-start so they can start earning money immediately.

Think about it...If you could offer someone the opportunity PLUS a party to work, and a way to get more bookings and sales fast, wouldn't that be something special?

If you could train them with a proprietary way to get bookings, get online sales, get immediate income...but only if they join with you now...wouldn't you?

"But I already know all that and I still can't get them interested," you say.

But here's the thing: Maybe you don't. But if you could get them a system that works consistently for bookings, sales and team building, wouldn't you promote that? And wouldn't it make them more interested? If the training was worth hundreds of dollars and guaranteed?

Imagine if you could offer your opportunity PLUS two parties for your team to work, plus training to start bringing in online sales to their own network of friends and family within just a couple of weeks...enough to pay for their investment and then some...wouldn't you?

That's where your advanced training comes into play. You may have all the mentors, teachers, and programs you need, but do you have a consistent program yourself to follow to get those kind of results?

Results you can not only see yourself, but show others...and show them how to get them, too?

This is where learning how to develop a solid booking program that consistently yields bookings and sales events comes in. Also, it's not just bookings, but also how to work those bookings, what to do with the leads, how to follow up, create a monthly system that starts bringing in 2 or 3 times the profits each and every month.

The programs you choose are up to you, but the key is to get a program that works for you (not a patchwork system with a little of this and a dab of that), but a true-blue system that shows you every month what to do and when to do it!

This is something you can show your potential team members and create so much excitement that they join and don't think twice. Only when you can show solid results (and how they can do it, too), will you start seeing your recruiting numbers jump!


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