Old-Made-New: A Leads Source for Party Plan WAHMs: Here's how...


Hey there WAHMs! Here's a unique leads source for you for your home party plan business:


OK, I know it's not new...however, I am not saying to just run ads and cross your fingers hoping someone will answer.

Here's how to use Craigslist as a source of leads for your business:

Running ads is fine, however it's really not the best way to get targeted and active leads. Try this instead:

Get a solid list of businesses that complement yours. For example, if you sell cosmetics, look in the small business ads section for anyone offering beauty services. There are likely many including hair extensions, massage (legit!) and other personal care services.

Contact these people and offer them a special on your products for referrals, or maybe even a small commission for anyone they send your way. If they agree, send them some brochures, samples to give out, etc. Be sure to "code" them before sending (write the referral company's name or initials or some number that correlates to them on each brochure/sample). This will make things simple when it comes to identifying what lead came from whom.

You could even put together a "spa special" or similar event where the provider and you get together and do a fun party where they offer their service and you offer yours and you both invite your entire clients lists. Great co-marketing!

So, next time you're wondering how to get some new, targeted (the most important kind) of leads in your community, look at Craigslist a new way!



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