Interview with Prosperity Coach: You Too Can Get Rich

Interview with Prosperity Coach

1) I am a Prosperity Life Coach.

I am also the author of My Choices ebook / audio book and the founder of

My coaching program is called Prosperity Consciousness " You Too Can Get Rich"

2) I have been in this business since 2011.

3) I started this program because I eventually realized that my divine gift is to heal myself and other women of financial struggles many of us have been dealing with from childhood.

I also found out, through my personal growth process that the reason why most people are not rich or prosperous even after working so hard to achieve prosperity, is because they don't know how to apply the newly acquired knowledge to their everyday living.

Although, a very small percentage of people try to apply the acquired knowledge, they cannot follow through with the process of getting rich or becoming prosperous because they have no one to hold them accountable in order to achieve their goals.

This is where my coaching program and my ebook / audio book come in. They are both connected.

My Choices Ebook or Audio Book will provide you with the information you need to acquire the knowledge to achieve your goals.

While Prosperity Consciousness "You Too Can Get Rich" program will empower women who are conscious of prosperity, and want to become prosperous but are still struggling to discover their money blocks and shows them how to eliminate these blocks so they can be financially free.

4) I am looking for open minded, positive, committed and prosperity conscious team members.

5) The special thing about my business is that my easy read ebook is connected to the coaching program. The ebook/audio book teaches you how to create an attitude of positivity and accountability you need to be disciplined and committed to succeed in prosperity coaching program. This ebook/audio book is free for anyone who registers for the program.

6) For more information, please go to the link

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